Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Meet Adenike Sholanke,the CEO of Hanikky Empire

Adenike Sholanke is a pretty lady who is doing well in the UK.She is based in London. She is a mother of 4 (3 Boys & 1 girl).She is from Abeokuta in Ogun state. She is a full time student of the University of Greenwich. She is also an Entrepreneur.

About the New normal for Fashion By Temitope Oyedele

The world today speaks alot about our sense of humor, fashion comes in divers ways, today we will be telling you about different fashion sense and as well as the time and season, does your fashion sense speaks well of you?.

A lot of countries in the world is facing the global pandemic, fashion never seems to hide it's face, every citizens of the world tends to add the use of nose mask to suit their mode of outfit, our top political leaders, Nollywood celebrities, music artists never set back in their trending outfit. We have images of our top Nigerians who slayed in their various attires.

Fashion as been in existence before the pandemic and it will even after the pandemic, let's talk about the use of sun shades, and those who rocks it best, the likes of Nancy Isime, Mercy Aigbe, Kim Opera, Kiss Daniel, Wizkid, Korede Bello, Falz the bad guy...... To be continued

Fashion Before COVID 19 Pandemic

Week fashion update: let start with fashion that was trending before Covid 19 .
 Let start wit d trending fashion of then and now, adding a statement of different types of blouse and gown which has a different types of sleeves: such as the bell, trumpet.

Ladieswear mostly off-shoulders gown and tops both on trouser,very nice fabrics mix wit different types of color, like mixing of two nice fabrics together.

Pix by Linda Osifo,Actress

Also for tribe wedding ceremony we can go for this costumes for both before lockdown and after lockdown look and still trending in iybo or ibo tribe :

Now for this trending of weather we also have a outfit that goes for weather also like jogger and tops wit sneakers on them .

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Monday, 29 June 2020

Meet Queen Mercy (Yeye Opo Akin),The CEO of Qwinbee Skincare

All Hail Queen Mariam Lawal, The Classy & Elegant Olori of Oniru of Iru Kingdom,Oba Omogbolahan Lawal

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Sunday, 28 June 2020

IBADAN Businesswoman, Yeye Oge Taofikat & Her Style

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Figure Out Different Shoes That Blends With Your Jumpsuit Styles


Figure Out Different Shoes That Blends With Your Jumpsuit Styles

Regardless of our heights or body type, jumpsuits are always going to be one of our favorite garments to wear. Jumpsuits are simple and stress free Clothings that you can just put on with no stress required. Shoes are essential parts to create the perfect lock when wearing your jumpsuits .

* Casual jumpsuits: it’s a broad term but in a whole context , we are trying to say the jumpsuits can come in different styles either cropped or full lengths and they can be wide leg or structured leg. They can be made from any fabric “ denim, linen, chiffon , crepe, cotton, polyester”, jumpsuits can be plain or patterned.

- flat sandals are the best choice for casual jumpsuits , it will make you feel comfortable but make sure the sandal is stylish , so that you look chic even though you are dressed casually.

-Sneakers are super comfy and edgy with a jumpsuits,sneakers give you the look of an athlete with a sporty vibes.

-Fancy slippers or a mules slippers , you can opt for this if you don’t want feet strapped in sandals or sneakers.

*Cropped jumpsuits: the cropped lengths adds a trendy, edgy flair to jumpsuits . It’s different from the usual romper or wide leg jumpsuits . If you want to go casual on a cropped jumpsuits, opt for mules , espadrilles, sneakers, loafers and flat sandals. Make sure when you are dressing casual the shoes shouldn’t look too chunky. The dressy way with a cropped jumpsuit shouldn’t be sticky coz you need not to do much to avoid the dramatic look, strappy sandal heels, pump heels but  the color should be subtle, boot heels .

*Jumpsuits for events: wearing a jumpsuit is such a fun style choice . When you are styling a jumpsuit to attend a wedding, you need to ensure that you dress up the look. Avoid shoes that are bulky and heavy, stick with simple and dainty options, it gives you a sophisticated look for your event. A strappy heels, pump heels, half heel mules is a perfect match for your jumpsuits.

* Denim jumpsuits: a denim is a staple we all wear often but we majorly do the denim trousers and forget to diversify from our usual styles. This piece can be paired casually or dressy because it’s a versatile piece. Boots adds  an edgier twist to a jumpsuit, you can express yourself and your personal style with the boot of your choice. The sneaker is a big win for denim jumpsuits and funnily sneakers is like a lifesaver to any clothing piece.

*Rompers: the difference between a romper and a jumpsuit is the length of the pants. Wearing rompers gives you the chance to style up your look with the right shoes. A romper goes almost with any kind of shoes , either you wearing with sneakers, vans, mules heels or slippers, boots, strappy heels around your calves.

*Printed jumpsuits:team up your electrifying jumpsuit style with a pair of comfortable footwear’s either flat or heels . Elongate your legs with this beautiful sophisticated  look,perfect for day to night wear, and the ideal companion for this look that will have you feeling comfy and confident.

*Wide leg jumpsuits: it all depends on your jumpsuits style, consider the silhouette, color , texture, and length. You can team up your jumpsuits with a matching shoe color either a flat slippers, sandals when you want to look casual and for a dressy look , you can wear nice heels but it shouldn’t be way too high .

* Fitted jumpsuits: it hugs your body and emphasizes your body proportions and they often come with a fitted ankle at the bottom line. This should be paired with a statement heels and this combo visually elongates your legs.


How Elaine Shobanjo Plays BIG ln The Makeup industry

Elaine Shobanjo is a beautiful lady who is currently rocking the Makeup World. She is good. She is Brilliant She is creative and she delivers quality service to her clients. Because she is good at what she does all her colleagues respect her and they seek her views on issues concerning the industry.

How to tone down under-arm fat?

Toning your upper arms and the area around your armpits through some certain exercises will strengthen your muscles. Flabby arms are due to a combination of factors associated with aging and genetic factors, including an increase in overall body fat mass, the easiest way to tone down flabby arm is through exercise . Losing body fat if you are overweight and building up your triceps muscles.

*Bicep curl: this exercise can be done seated or standing with free weights. Stand up and hold a free weight in each hand with your arms extended towards the ground, slowly bend your elbows and bring the weight towards your shoulders. Release the position and bring weight towards the ground again, keep your elbow and wrists aligned throughout your exercise and do this repeatedly.

*Bench dip: you can execute this exercise on a workout bench ,chair or raised surface. Sit your hands on the bench and put your hand on the bench next to your hips , grip the edge of the bench with your palms on the bench and your fingers on the edge of the bench. Move your body off the bench with your knees bent and feet together, lower your body towards the floor by bending your arms till the upper arms is parallel with the floor, use your arms to bring yourself back up from this position slowly and repeat.

*Bear crawls: it helps work on your triceps, chest and shoulders. Place your hands on the floor and get into a crouched position , walk forward using your hands and feet and then you crawl on the floor as you can. Do this back and forth and when you feel tired you can do it intermittently at your desired duration.

*Push up: if your floor is a tiles floor it’s advisable to use a gym mat to avoid accidents during the exercise. Position your hands so they are slightly wider than your shoulders. Position your head to look straight down, extend your feet out and you are on your toes . Use your arms to lower your body to the floor and come back up .

*Downward facing dog: is a yoga position that target your arms, shoulders, hips, back, buttocks and legs. Stay in the center of the mat and kneel down, place your hand in front of you on the mat, shoulder apart, move on to your hand and knees . Brace yourself on your hands, straighten your legs and slowly swing your hips up towards the ceiling , align your feet and extend your toes to increase stability , allow your weight to shift back on your hips, hands and legs. Your head should be in alignment with your back and be in a triangle shape.

* Triceps press: hold a weight in each hand, sit down on a chair and lift your arms above your head, bend at your elbows to bring the weight as far down  behind your head as your range of motion permits you. Raise the weight above your head, you can do this repeatedly till you decide to stop.

*Chest press: lie on your back on a smooth surface bench  or a gym bench, hold the weights , bring your elbows to where your body is on the bench, your upper arms will be at same position as the rest of your body while the lower arms will be facing up towards the ceiling . Slowly raise your arms and bring the weights up until your arm is almost straight, do not lock your elbows. Bring the weights back to the original position with your bent arms and repeat.

* Triceps pressdown: this requires the use of a cable pulley weight machine or a resistance band and you can improvise with a twine if cable is not available and attach to a rigid casted iron form. Facing the cable machine or where you have resistance band secured , stand up straight with your knees slightly bent. Grab the cable or resistance band at its highest position,pull the cable or band towards  the floor with your elbows at your sides, you should pull the cable until your arms are completely extended  and do it repeatedly.