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You would agree with us that Makeup artists are making a whole lot of money from society babes who love to party. Weekends are for Owambe, but some babes even party more than five times in a week and every party deserves a fresh makeup. One of the things society ladies look out for are the brows and eye lashes. It is easy to rate a make-up artist, who is good at what he or she does, judging from the carving of the brow. 

Top make-up artists in Nigeria like House of Tara International, Bimms 24, Bmpro Banke Meshida, Bibyonce, Ogeara Make overs, Tshakky, Oteniara Makeovers, and a host of others focus and put more attention on the brows and lashes because it goes a long way to advertise their brands.

Society ladies even look out for one another’s makeup at parties and it is easy to spot a Makeup look that is not of high standard from the brows and Lashes. Even when they rock Aso-Ebi of 750 thousand Naira, they still need a good makeup look to complement their fashion statement and that is why they don’t joke with their makeup artists. The brows are a natural, like part of the face that are above the eyes and the eyeball is between lashes.

Fashion is evolving from generations to generation and the present generation has seen parts of the outer body as a platform for artistic design of beauty and that is why it can be modified, increased, reduced and adjusted to soothe their desires. ‘Beauty’ they say is in the eyes of the beholder,’ but some have argued that the eyes are the ‘objects of beauty. The face is the most concentrated part of the body because it is the first window that draws people’s attention and that is why ladies spend heavily on their faces and skins. Some ladies apply heavy cream on their faces to make them glow.

The eyebrows are sensitive parts of the make-up process and it is a big challenge for most ladies to perfectly carve their eye brows and there is no better way to achieve a fantastic makeup look than a neatly carved brows. A lot of society ladies have adopted the permanent brows to achieve perfectly carved brows and they have nothing to worry about as regards their brows. This permanent brows are rigid and can get boring, and ladies get stuck when they want to change the shape of their brows.

The latest fashion trend in the fashion world is the semi –permanent eye brows and lashes. The Semi-permanent Brows and lashes could last for two years and can be changed as desired. The semi-permanent Eyebrows are designed and carved to soothe the client and they are stress free when a makeup artist wants to attend to a client. They also make everyday makeup easy, and all the ladies do is shape out hairs that grow outside the carved semi-permanent eye brows. It is a form of tattoo on the face, but carved in the shape of eye brows. The semi-permanent eye lashes are infused in between the natural eye lashes to make it fuller and it can be there for more than two years and there is no need for artificial human hair or synthetic eye lashes.

The semi-permanent eye lashes help in extending the natural eye lashes to make it look fuller and can be removed or changed after a year or more. They give room for flexibility in fashion and society babes could change their looks ;eye brows and lashes in years. This new fashion trend helps save the stress of wearing eye lashes for hours at parties and the risk of them falling off after several hours. The semi permanent brows and lashes are flexible, trendy, stylish, stress free and that is why celebrities and young babes go for them. They also spend heavily to achieve this fashion trend. Some make up studios in Nigeria have sought the knowledge of experts in that field who help their clients to achieve this fashion trend and to boost the image of their brands.


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