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How JULIET OLANIPEKUN Became A BIG Fashion Influencer


•The Story Of ONDO Princess & Daughter Of ZAKI Of ARIGIDI AKOKO


If you are a fashion enthusiast, you must have been familiar with this pretty and young fashion influencer popularly known as Lovefrom Jules on Instagram. She is a princess from Arigidi Akoko in Ondo State and her Dad is the current Zaki of Arigidi Akoko. She is not famous because of her background but her unique style and fashion catapulted her to the lime light and gave her away as the biggest fashion influencer we have in Nigeria.

It’s no easy feat to rise to the top of the Nigerian influencer radar in this millenium, moreso when your style is infinitely unique and relatable to a select few rather than the many. But, Love from Julez clearly doesn’t have this problem.The political events strategist has had an eventful time since she first came to our radar late few years back for her layering superpowers, from Martell endorsements, to co-creating Mai Atafo’s SS19 collection which showcased at fashion week, Julez is certainly having the time of her life.

So much so that more than one hundred thousand people follow the page just to keep up to date with her. The first assumption one might make is, she’s yet another Instagram influencer. Juliet Olanipekun does influence fashion but she’s way more than another social media influencer. She is currently doing her country great as she has influenced brands for many international designers.

Before her father assumed the throne, she lived in Jos with her parents and three siblings. When she was six years old, her father moved her and her siblings to London where she spent a better part of her life. While in school, Olanipekun’s interest in fashion peaked and, for a while, had dreams of becoming a model. A dream that came to fruition when she walked the Lagos Fashion Week runway in 2018 for the designer, Mai Atafo.

Roughly one year after that collaboration, Olanipekun launched LFJ. A fashion label, inspired and influenced by her style, for the “modern African woman”. The launch was announced with a private viewing of her collection. A smart route to take for someone of her influence. Being taken seriously as a creative designer is important and with her latest launch, Olanipekun makes it hard for the fashion industry to dismiss her.

The all round fashionista is no stranger to everyone’s best dressed list. Known for her effortless style and killer wardrobe, the style star is always one to watch for a head-turning, downright jaw-dropping look.We are totally obsessed with how fearless she is with her style, pulling off layering without looking cliché where there are only a few who we can say have mastered the art. With an ever-growing following on Instagram, the self-acclaimed “Modern African Woman” does not fail to grace her timeline with eclectic and uniquely paired pieces. Her style is bold, edgy, and perhaps slightly unconventional for the Nigerian scene, yet she pulls it off like a pro.

From monochrome layering looks to layering different textures and prints, Juliet has proven over time that her style game is one that is yet to be matched. She has been featured for the first issue of fast-rising magazine, Modern Woman, which aims to celebrate women and she looks absolutely breathtaking on the cover.

According to the digital publication, “Julez is the Modern African woman who is known for her impeccable style always known to cause a stare. Her style is like no other and you can certainly steal her looks from her brand LFJ.”The style star who sported pieces from her own label also took to her Instagram, celebrating her first magazine cover. She wrote. “I AM HER AND SHE IS YOU. I celebrate every modern woman who never believed “No” was an answer and kept peddling through all her goals no matter what obstacles she came across.”

The young beauty thrills her over 120k followers with daily outfit updates which are always unexpected and extraordinary from a pink plastic trench coat with a bustier / mini skirt combo to mixed prints and some serious layering, jules always puts her unique twists on her outfits. One of herkey fashion skills is she had mastered the pantyhose formula.

She is one influencer who is a pro when it comes to layering in fashion. She has actually own it.besides her love for fashion,  the self acclaimed modern African woman who was born in London works as a political events strategist in Nigeria. With an ever growing following on Instagram, She does not fail to grace her timeline with eclectic and uniquely layered pieces.

Her style is bold edgy perhaps slightly unconventional for the Nigeria scene yet she pulls it off like a pro.From monochrome layering looks to layering different textures and prints. She has proven over time that her style game is one that is yet to be matched. Not one to step out without a well beat face, You can’t help but also notice her love for oversized sunshades too. So while she is undeniably the queen of layering, being the biggest fashion influencer to have come out from Nigeria is understandable.

She has been dubbed as an Africa style influencer award winner and featured in Essence magazine, New York, CNN and others.



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