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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


Have you heard about Regina Askia's Cooking initiative called Soupa Stars? Let's tell you about it.

Soupa Stars is a celebrity cooking competition with a difference. Showcasing our local food in a healthier way. This is an initiative by Regina Askia to encourage our people to eat better as a way of controlling preventative diseases.

One of the key people involved in the initiative is Duchess Bena. She recently told Citypeople a lot about her involvement in the project.

A few celebrities including myself are lending their platform to this cause. People like Tonto Dike, Ibinabo Feberesima, Ini Edo, Ayo Adesanya, Segun Arinze and many more.

I'm coming in from London especially for this

What sort of a person is Duchess Nena?

My name is Nena Ubani a.k.a Duchess Nena. I am an international Vegan Chef/influencer, Wellness Coach and Master Herbalist. I am also the founder of Igbo Women Awards and Igbokwenu Radio.

I would be leading the #TeamVegan on what would be the first time ever vegan food would be part of a mainstream cooking competition in Africa. I'm actually proud to be at the forefront with this one.

It would be the perfect opportunity to educate Nigerians and Africa as a whole about Veganism as there are so many misconceptions

Who are the Chefs working with her?

On my team, I have Chef Bola ( Co-founder of Veggie Victory, the first vegan restaurant in Nigeria), Chef Yewande (Abuja Vegetarian), Chef Afiazat (Conscious Vegan). They are all Nigerian based vegans.

Veganism is the practice of not eating or using animal products. This means no meat, fish, milk, cheese or seafood.

ls it true you are releasing a line of African spices our grandmother's used?
Yes. I'm launching a range of authentic African cooking spices next year. I already have Vegan Shito which is an ode to the Ghanaian pepper sauce.
What happens if she does not win?

The thought has never crossed my mind. I actually see everything I do as a win. The fact that I am able to participate in a mainstream competition is already a win for me.

Forgot to mention: I own the 1st online African Vegan Online Store, Uziiza.com

Since going vegan, I have experienced great health benefits. From weight loss to improved blood pressure and blood sugar.

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