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Why l Am Taking Part ln Regina Askia Williams cooking competition called Soupastars - Pretty Actress, lni Edo

Ini Edo is one of the beautiful movie stars that will be cooking at Regina Askia Williams cooking competition called Soupastars. She is one of Nollywoods very best.
Citypeople Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine asked her why she decided to take part in this cooking competition.

And her answers are revealing.

You are part of Soupastars cooking competition. Why did you agree to take part in it?
I agreed because I saw a chance at promoting one of the components of my state that I'm so proud of...our food..also to promote healthy eating

Do you think you will win?

Yes I am positive

What will you be cooking?

That will be giving away the surprise factor

Are you a good cook?
yes I am

Are you still active in acting? Or do you do other things now?
yes am still acting and into other ventures

For how long have you been acting? What has kept you going all these years?

I started in 2000..consistency, focus, drive, passion .most importantly the grace of God.

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