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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


As you read this all the members of Genesis Global Church are looking forward to the great event coming up on December 15th. It is the annual Harvest of the church. It promises to be a celebration of Harvest with the title - Massive Mercy.

The event is to be hosted by the ever dynamic, turbocharged Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe who is fully prepared to host all the eminent ministers of God who are coming for the event.

Not too long ago he spoke to City People Online Fashion and beauty magazine on the rise and rise of his fastest-growing church. Below are excerpts of the interview.

A lot of things are happening, tell us about them.

This year is filled with a lot of events that have shaped my members’ lives positively. The major part of them is per send per second testimonies that have been recorded, from January to this month.

However, as the church keeps moving to a new level of glory, we expect new challenges. The glory of God is being celebrated in my life, but no one knows the stories behind it.

Amidst all these challenges, God continue to make imperfect situations to perfect ones to glorify His name because of His special love for me and my members from all over the world.

Also, our prophetic movements are attracting people from every part of the world. We are recording increasing members and churches are submitting to Genesis Global’s ministry.
Giving to empower our members, community development and empowerment also took major part of our events.

I would continue to thank God for faithful and His grace to be able to impact lives positively.

What more do we expect as we move closer to Xmas?

I have faced a lot of battles in these past months but I thank God for giving my members the testimonies that keep drawing attentions of people from all over the world to our small humble ministry.

First week of December, we are organizing Massive Mercy on Matters, MMM, season 5. This season promises more prayers and preaching that will yield more results, testimonies. 

The season is heralding into this year’s Harvest celebration.

What makes our Harvest Celebration special is the fact that we ensure that our diaspora members have free hotel lodges with adequate security in place.
Towards the celebration of Xmas, we will give out food stuff to 5,000 people.

Your church is different from others, why is it so?

As a white garment church, we don’t believe in going to the stream or bush to engage into spiritual bathing. At Genesis Global, we believe in efficacy in the words of God, and power therein, we dwell in prayers and words of God than the doctrine.

To the glory of God, this value has created more impressions about Genesis Global as the pacesetter in the white garment churches, and generated more goodwill from people.

Our vision statement is, “Raising People of Values”, which is serving as our point of direction in everything we do. Our church members believe in tithing and offering because they see the results as the sources to empower people that are in needs.

Also, our difference approach to worshiping and teachings that are rooted in practicality, people are tired of listening to random type of preaching, they want reality reflecting in the teachings, this is what they find in my teachings.

My practical teachings, backed with practical example through my character, prophetic gifts, per second per second testimonies, and words of wisdom are what make Genesis Global standout.

I give God the glory for using me to achieve His purpose, liberating people from mindsets that would have made them to remain in obscurity of knowledge. God uses me to bring light to their lives through my personal attitude of giving and developing them in every sphere of their lives.

To ensure that our members’ sources of livings are not affected, we keep empowering them through vocational training.

We also found out that people go to microfinance to acquire loans and still run into more debts. It is for this reason we set up banking system to enable interest free loan.  

A lot of people that have castigated our church before, after experiencing person encounter, are now our core member and loyal to the ministry. This was achieved because I accepted them with love.

I give Glory to God for establishing us for this purpose.

Your church attract more youth people, why it is so, is it deliberate?

Genesis Global is a place of refuge where hopes are being restored. In everything I do to change lives, I do it following the direction of the Holy Spirit because He is my companion. He always talks to me to do things unusual ways to receive unusual results.

Results of Genesis Global’s deeds are the point of attractions for the youths.

Generally, we understand that youths are the future generation that would shape the world. To be relevance in this world, many of them have aspirations to make impacts in their lives and people around them. On the verge of searching for the right platform to achieve their desires, they try different channels of acquiring knowledge that would support them.
My practical teachings are eyes openers for the youths, they believe in moving trend. It is after listening to my practical teachings they feel the connections to their desires and dreams that encounrage positive changes in their lives.

Presently, more 100 youths are in my scholarship programs. To the glory of God, 95% of them are in the higher institutions. All my choir members are entitled to automatic scholarships as they get admission into any higher institutions.

We have Gene6 Football Academy, specifically established to develop and groom talents in youths. We have more than 100 youths that are active students in the club. Last August, 10 youths were sponsored to the United Kingdom for an international football tournament. To the glory of God, despite the fact that we had lesser members in the team playing, our team won the tournament.

For others that are not into sport, we also ensure that they are empowered through vocational training set up by my foundation, Israel Oladele Foundation.

At what Growth is Genesis Church?

Through online ministry, we have been able to get more dedicated members from major part of the worlds. Presently, we have more than 100,000 active online members, 10,000 onsite members in both Alakuko and Isheri branches. Also we have records of 65,000 views on our online live streaming within one hour after the programs, and have more 3,500 views, most time, during service program. 

This is highest milestones ever recorded in the history of white garment churches.
Our Isheri branch is growing in numbers by the day despite the fact that we have no seats.

Our overseas branches are also springing up. We presently have Genesis Global registered in the United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Germany, Sweden and more are still to come.

I acknowledge the fact that it is good for church to grow in numbers, but that is not my interest. My main interest is the salvation of souls, preparing souls for the coming of Jesus Christ, and changing lives.

This is what gives me happiness when I see people’s lives transforming for good, changing from bad to good person.
I thank God for His faithful.

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