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There is lady in London who is doing so well in her catering business. She prepares the best Ewa Aganyin.
She is Oluwakemi Oladipupo but popularly called Kemi Elewa Aganyin. She recently  told City People Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine how she turned what used to be her hobby into big business.

How did she start her catering business? "I love cooking a lot from when I was in nigeria. When I came here, I still loved cooking but I never had the intention of selling food. All I know is each time I cook, I always cook in large quantities and l store them in my freezer and give them out to  friends in  church and at work,but my pastors (the Olasodes)always tell me to look into catering as a career but I used to  tell them I can't and smiled at them.

Cooking is my hobby. Even sometimes I will be the one calling people I got different foods in my freezer. Until one November one of my aunties on Facebookvisited London from America. She is Dr Olubusola Olufemi. She always comments on my food post on Facebook because they always call me food bully. When she visited we arranged on how to meet so she came looking for me at work place on her way back to America

I packed two bowls of ata ewa aganyin because I know she's loves ata ewa aganyin. Two days later she called me and prayed for me that his husband and kids love it that the whole house smells of my ata and I was laughing. She asked if I'm selling food I said no and she was shocked and I was still laughing on the phone. She called my name three times and said Kemi you need to go into food business that a lots of people owing restaurant out there, their foods is not as delicious as mine. I told her my pastors always say that to me. All she said to me is "Kemi go and think of a very local name and call me tomorrow. 

I cracked my brain overnight and I called her the following day that auntie mi I have two names on my mind. 1st one is Ewa Aganyin spots and Kemi Elewaganyin. She told me I prefer Kemi Elewa aganyin. "go and prosper." that was how Kemi Elewa Aganyin started."
What do you cook?
I cook efo riro, efo elegushi, egusi Ijebu, Noodles, Jolloff rice, fried rice, asaro (yam porridge), ewa aganyin , ayamase,and many more but I don't want to be greedy I specialise on ewa aganyin and ayamase .

You are known for Ewa Aganyin How come? Because I cook and sell for people what I can eat. I like ewaAganyina lot.

Where was she born and where did she grow up?
"I was born at Okepopo Street on LagosIslandin 28 of April 1977, to Mr and Mrs Oladipupo. I'm the second born of my mom and number six of my dad. My both parents are from Kwara. But all my life I have been a Lagosian. I grew up in Lagos Island. Later moved to IjoraBadiain the late 80s. Omo Gheto ni mi o

My primary school was St Mary Convent School Ajele St, Lagos, Nigeria and my secondary education was Falomo HighSchool, Akanbi Danmole St, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. All my connection is on Island. People don't believe I'm from Kwara."
I went to Laspotech, Isolo for my ONDbut dropped out for business then. I have shop at Balogun, 3/5 Gbajumo Street Lagos, where I was selling Italian shoes and bags.

How has she coped living abroad? How many years now? I came to UK in 2009 Feb. To the glory of God I'm British now. Ko easy but I bless God, beautiful I'm still living
Due to my experience in Gheto in Ijora then. I opened a page on Facebook called Ghetto Broughtup.  My aims is to reach out to people's living in the Ghettoespecially the young ones. We are working on going to school to encourage students not to allow the background to put the back on the ground by not allowing ghetto to swallow them and their God given destinies

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