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How Ooni Of Ife Gave Me The Nickname Toyin Pepper -Yeye Toyin Adedire

She's beautiful. She's very stylish and fashionable and she is very intelligent also.
Yeye Toyin Adedire is multi talented. A few days ago she told City people Online Fashion and beauty magazine her inspiring story.

My name is Yeye Toyin Adedire. I hail from the ancestral home of the Yorubas; Ile-Ife precisely. I am a culture enthusiast. I am a couturier. I produce high-end and custom-made clothing. I love fashion. The strong passion I have for couture is innate.

It resides in my lineage. I am an actress, with years of worthy experience. My voyage into the world of entertainment has been gratifying. I have anchored events and presented programmes on both electronic and print media.

How did you get the name Toyin Pepper?

Toyinpepper is a name that is attached to sweet nostalgia. In 2017, a year after His Imperial Majesty, Oba Adeyeye Eniitan Ogunwusi, the Ooni of Ife, was crowned, I and my team visited him in his Enuwa Palace for a documentary. In the course of our activities in the palace, he noticed the zeal and valour I put into everything I was doing.

He inquired about my name. I said, my name is Toyin. Immediately, he said, Toyin Pepper. I felt honoured with the avid recognition I got from the Ooni. Therefore, to immortalise that recognition, I decided to be bearing the name. In short, that was how I came about the name, Toyinpepper.

Tell me about your growing up years Where were you born and where did you grow up

I was born in Ire-Akari, Mokola, Ibadan, Oyo State. My growing up was quite dramatic. I didn't have it so smooth. Then, I was living with my late grandmother, Alhaja Princess Asiata Apeke Oyeleke (Nee Sanni). I received my life tutelage from her. Her impacts on my life are inestimable. While I was young, I learnt a lot from her. I learnt from her how to face the daunting challenges of life with equal resoluteness and equanimity.

As a compassionate and hardworking child, I voluntarily told her that I wanted to be hawking orange and pure water, in order to augment her meagre income. She granted this solemn request, and I started hawking. This is a phase in my life I can never forget. I am innovative and business-oriented. This has helped me in my life sojourn. Here I am today. God has lifted me from the lowest part of life to a point I am full of gratitude to Him. I am sure that, by God's grace, the future holds great fortunes for me.

Tell me a bit about your fashion style

Indeed, I am an obsequious follower of fashion. My fashion style is attached to nature, my state of mind and my mood. I draw a lot of inspiration from my obsession with culture. Culture dictates my taste. I adhere strictly to Yoruba tradition in the process of fashion selection. I don't just follow trend - I align my style with Yoruba culture. Culture has great impact on my fashion style. I don't just wear anything that trends. It must be in consonance with the dictates of culture and nature. Many people call me a fashionist. To be sincere, with every sense of modesty, I know I am. No doubt about it. I love quality materials like clothes, shoes, bags, shirts, jeweleries and other fashion accessories. That is me. I am passionate about fashion. The spirit of fashion resides in me. I am a fashionista.

What's your real name?

Yeye Oluwatoyin Adedayo Arike Adedire.

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