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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


 This is the Style story of Alhaja Kaosarat Olanshile, a celebrity woman who lives in CaliforniaThough she lives abroad she frequents Nigeria often to see family and friends. This stylish woman is well known by her alias Alhaja Alayeonicoffee StainlessShe is a nice woman who is classy and elegant.

Recently she told City People Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine why many celebrity ladies love her. “It is because I am very easy going. I accommodate people, I have a positive energy approach to life. If you are constantly complaining, and stressed, bored or gloomy, people will feel crummy in your presence. I don’t adopt a negative attitude or bring others down with low energy, instead of cheer them up and develop a happy optimistic and positive demeanor that shows off my zest for life

 So I use this infectious energy to deal with people especially my friends, i guess that’s what endear me to people and made me popular. But the secret is I’m extremely a shy person.
She also revealed her style secrets. “I love to look good all the time. I have key points i need to share with people. Don’t buy something for just one occasion, don’t buy or keep anything that doesn’t fit or suits you.

 Go for anything that makes you stand out. That’s a statement of facts.
To be stylish, wear clothes that that flatter your shape and that you are comfortable in, stick to the classics

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