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How Olori Mosunmola Adeniyi Dazzles With Her Fashion Style

Anytime Olori Mosunmola Adeniyisteps into a party with her husband all heads usually turn in her direction. This is because she is not only beautiful she is stylish also.

She is the lovely wife of HRM Oba Owolabi Adeyemi Adeniyi, the Onisabe of Igbobi-Sabe in Lagos state.

Truth be told both Kabiyeesi and his Olori are very stylish and fashionable.

Citypeople Online Fashion and beauty magazine found out that she has always been a lady of Style since she was young.

Mosunmola Adeniyi also confirmed this.

"To be honest I inherited it from my mother ...  it comes so easy to be and I owe it all to her",she explained. Having lived abroad also helped.

I left Nigeria when I was 16, I was sent out to finish high school there.

How has becoming an Olori changed her lifestyle and dressing?
In a lot of ways "she explained.

I use to wear trousers, a tee-shirt, casuals a lot... I would say 80 percent of my wardrobe is pants(trousers) and tops but I was told that I had to give it up because of my new role as Olori.l don't mind at all.l have adjusted so well.

But she still looks regale. How does she put in together?

"Thank you! You know the Yoruba thing that says ‘abinibi ni kin se ability'.That explains it. I have it in me."

But does she do business?

"I am a full time Olori" she says.
"But I still have my business in the U.S . I’m in the health care business,"she adds.

"I’m a full-time Oloori in Nigeria,".

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