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 Ewatomi Awolowois a beautiful fabric merchant who is doing so well in her business. She is the CEOof Dhb fabrics in Lagos. She sells exquisite fabrics. She also sells Shoesand bags.

What does she do at Dhb fabrics?
Dhb fabricsit an online fabrics store for both men and women
We sell quality, affordable and trendyfabriclike: Viole lace, Cord lace, French lace, Cashmere, Velvet lace, Ankara cord, and Swiss lace
Why did she go into that business? "I started doing business from when I can't remember but I know I really love business. I was into beads making and later got a store and invert in shoes and bags.

But my clients always asked me to help them choose from lace to wear for occasion and match them with shoes and beads, the turnout is always perfect and someone said to me EWATOMI can be selling fabrics o . And that's how I started."

How did she coin the brand name Dhb?
"DHB was my beaded company name before which DEHOUSEOFBEADS{DHB} I love the name to extend that I'm working on making it a household name
Because most clients don't even know my name but they all call me DHB
So I gave d name to my shoe and bags { DHBCUTIECOLLECTIONS }

Awolowo BeatriceEwaoluwatomilolais a trader. She is fair in complexion. She is second in the family of 3. She has ONDin Public Administration from Crown Poly Ado Ekiti. She is the MD/CEOof Dhbcutiecollectionand Dhb_fabrics
Store located at Shop 56b Paul & Mike Plaza Balogun Street, Lagos Island, Balogun Market, Lagos.

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