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US Based Yeyeluwa Eniola Owolabi Set To Celebrate @ 40

She is a very popular and accomplished woman in the US. She works with the US Army. She also co-ordinates the OPUin the US.

The big news is that Yeye Alice Eniola Owolabi is set to celebrate her 40th in Lagos Nigeria in February.

How does she feel at 40 we asked her recently? "I feel great. I feel happy.  it's amazing and am thankful to God."

How does she plan to celebrate her birthday?

“I am going to be celebrating with my family and friends in Lagos Nigeria. l am going to be having a Thanksgiving service and reunion party (my old friends of 20years are going to be at the event).

She co-ordinates the OPU in the The US. Is that not stressful? "No, it’s not. l enjoy it.
She has been doing that since 2011 to date.

"It's definitely been demanding. Being a wife, a mother as well as managing a full-time job, the traveling requirements of the role can be challenging. However, I have found fulfillment with the role. Being a part of a socio-cultural group that brings people with like minds together and ensuring our bond here in diaspora exceeds our country borders brings me tremendous joy. 

I am grateful for the privilege given to me by our father Aare Gani Adams, the 15th Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland. The group currently exists in over 75 countries globally. I am immensely honored to be leading the group here in the US and definitely do not take the opportunity for granted."

We asked her to tell us about Yeyeluwa Alice Eniola Owolabi. What kind of a person is she?

“God-fearing, people-loving person, and detailed oriented. Although, people close to me will call me a disciplinarian as I can be very principled when it matters."

Where was she born and where did she grow up?

"I was born and bred in Lagos state. I lived in Lagos for over 20 years before moving to the United States."

What does she do for a living? She works for the US Army.

"I work with the US army and also own my own beauty business chain.

Happy 40th.

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  1. She's beautifully endowed. God bless your new age. Amen.