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How I have Coped Being An Actress - Kemi Adekomi

Kemi Adekomi is a radio personality, (OAP)a professional MC, an actor and film Producer.

We caught up with the pretty, fast-rising Nollywood sensation and she let us into her world...

Tell us a little about your background?

I was born here in Lagos and attended Primary and Secondary school in Lagos, while my University education was in Ogun State and graduated with a BSc in MICROBIOLOGY.

You are now a force to reckon within Nollywood, how did this journey start?

I grew up being a child actor, in church Sunday school, and in primary school, but never thought much of it as a future career at all...but sometime in 2004, I made my first attempt to enter the industry made a few attempts here and there, but I was preparing to round off University then so it wasn't easy, so I focused on stage plays back then.

By 2015, I decided I was ready to be a professional actor, married with kids, so I came back and started attending auditions will full force. Lol.
By 2016, I had featured in a good number of flicks and the rest they say is history...

How has the journey been so far as a professional actor?

Nothing good comes easy. Like I said before, I attended auditions well o! I did this regularly for some time, almost on a daily basis and I'm glad I did because it was a learning process for me. Also, I don't joke with training and workshops, up till now, and this has greatly been of help to me in my career as an actor.

 Whatever I set out to do, just like in my business: Interior design, I train and try to be a master at it, so I attended film school, training, workshops, masterclasses, and all the likes.

It was initially challenging, I faced some hurdles, to be honest, but I have come to a place of balance in every area of my life and I can't complain. I love what I do and I can't give up on it, not anytime soon....

You are also a media personality, how did you venture into it?

You see, I’m a woman with many sides to me, just like my mum... I don't stop at one thing, especially when I know I can do it. Like I said, I’ve always been tailored to the Arts but found myself in science class at that time.

Most people have told me at one point or the other that I should have studied mass communication or Law or theatre Arts and I totally agree. I'm made for the Arts...I enjoy talking by the way.... laughs

I used to be on an Interior design show in CoolFm back then, so a friend advised I go fully into media and I agreed it was a good idea since entertainment isn't too far from media, and so being who I am (always wanting to be a professional in all I do), as soon as I got the chance, I attended the Pioneer and Prestigious National Broadcast Academy, NBA(formerly called Federal Radio Corporation Of Nigeria, FRCN) and it officially debuted my career in media,  and I've since been with a radio station, specializing in news reading.

How has it been so far being a pretty actor in Nollywood?
Like I always say to anyone who cares to listen, nothing that happens in Nollywood is peculiar to Nollywood in terms of sexual harassment/exploitation/promiscuity.

 During my 8 to 5 days, it was the same, if not more, so I laugh when people think it's peculiar to actors, it's just because we are in people's faces, unlike coded ones that happen in other industries that people don't hear about. Even as a married woman as far back as 2009, I can't count how many guys 'chased me'. Lol

So whether it's in banking industry, film industry, private business, everything, and anything happens, it's all about individual choices.

As far as this industry is concerned though, I have had to turn down some roles so far, either because of other engagements as a media personality or because I am not okay with the role or other reasons.

 Like I always say, I Kemi is here because of passion for the craft, I even cringe sometimes at the thought of getting too popular, I say it to my friends all the time, I love my private life o, only that stardom in this industry comes with fame, so one has to live with it when it comes, but it's not a priority to me, as I almost went behind the camera, but when you know what you are good at, it's best to stick to it.

Speaking of roles, what will we not find you doing on screen?

This is a sensitive one because there is this saying that, "as an actor, you should be able to play ALL roles", but I believe it’s a personal choice...I for one will NOT play a NUDE role for any reason, for any amount.

Please note: My reason remains personal to me, not because it’s bad. There is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with the aforementioned, it’s all acting. It's just my personal choice at this point in MY LIFE, for personal reasons.

More so, we are NOT who we portray in films. The mistake viewers make is placing a character side by side with the real life of an actor, it's very wrong and i think viewers are getting better orientated at this, back then it was terrible! I remember Mercy Johnson suffered this fate then and I'm glad she has lived a life that has so far proved all those tales wrong. ACTORS ONLY INTERPRET ROLES. ABILITY TO ENTER A CHARACTER AND MAKE IT LOOK REAL IS WHAT MAKES A GREAT ACTOR!

What challenges have you faced so far as an actor?

Like I mentioned before, i actually almost gave up at some point, the pressure from a few people was overwhelming...

They said only indecent women are actors (like seriously??) Initially I caved in as the pressure was much from that quarters, but I decided I will use my God-given talent to my advantage, irrespective of a mindset anyone has, I was determined because of the passion I have for the craft and maturity over time to fully understand the industry, so I knew I had come to stay and no going back.

 I’m not here for fame or money, (yes it may come with it eventually) I just love interpreting roles... I enjoy doing it so much. I enjoy watching myself as well, I equally learn from others.

Where do you see yourself in a few years?

I see myself being a name to reckon within the film industry, as a Producer, as an actor, making huge impacts in the entertainment industry.

 I found out recently that I enjoy impacting intending actors and I feel great when doing it, especially when I see those who have a genuine passion for it.
So....you never know what's coming!

Tell us about your first production, VENDETTA

I started nursing the idea of producing a film in 2018 and by June 2019, we shot VENDETTA and the reception so far has been amazing. It was released in September 2019, at a Premiere in the Cinema, and is now online. It's an amazing story with lots of twists and turns, a full definition of a thriller! Cast include me, Frederick Leonard, Keppy Ekpenyong, Fred Amata, Yemi Blaq, Femi Branch, and others. It's a must-watch, one of a kind story. A thriller shot in just one location! Not common in Nollywood.

It will keep you glued to your seat from start to finish, you won't even want to go and use the bathroom at all so as not to miss a scene!

The reviews have been mind blowing and I still can't get over it.
With my amazing cast and crew, i can say we made a good film!

As of now, it's on some channels on YouTube and on the AirtelTv app, just search for VENDETTA and see it for yourself. Let me not say too much.

Already, we have both local and international award nominations and selections for film festivals. I'm grateful to God for the success of the film.

Lastly, How do you keep fit and have such a great body even after having kids?

(Smiles), Thanks for the compliment.

I think it’s mostly my eating habit. I don’t eat a lot at all, and I'm very picky and choosy with food, those close to me know this. I also exercise and I'm just conscious of how I look, as I'm equally an MC and will definitely want to be in good shape at all times, at least for now. laughs.

Kemi Adekomi,a.k.a Kemistrydiva, Such a humorous, eloquent, down-to-earth, and amazingly friendly woman she is. We wish her all the best!

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