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Ways To Make Your Clothes Last Longer - Zinnat Williams

It is an important factor when trying to create a more sustainable wardrobe. Prolonging the lifespan of our clothing will allow us to master how to take care of our clothing items and save money by buying unnecessary clothing items.

Protect your clothing: stains can be a dirt sentence for your clothes, take necessary cautions to make your cloth last longer. Your expensive clothes that you wear for special occasions should be protected in a garment bag when storing them in the closet to help preserve them.

Don’t over launder your clothes: clothes last longer when they’re not over washed. Don’t wash your clothing item all the time after the first wear, only wash when they have stains, overly soaked with sweats, and worn more than two times or more. But this is not applicable for all kind of clothing items because they’re some that need to be washed immediately after use.

Follow washing instructions: check the inner label of your clothes, they’re instructions written on your clothes on how to wash them and it’s crucial to read the tags to enable a long life span for the clothes. Certain pieces of clothes need to be hanged to dry or tossed in a dryer and some requires to be air-dry.

Buy high-quality clothing: focus on clothing that is made with high-quality fabric such as cotton and rayon and sure the seams on the cloth are intact and not fraying. Purchasing high-quality clothing is an important factor when considering the lifespan of your clothes.

Use a stain remover pen: carry a stain remover pen with you to tackle a stain when it’s fresh. A stain is usually a determining factor for when a piece of clothing has reached the end of its life -cycle.

Use laundry bag for delicate: reusable mesh bags are also great to put all your small items in like your underwear, socks and lingerie to make it easier to sort afterward. Underwear can easily get caught in other pieces of clothing or on zippers which may cause them to become damaged and ultimately thrown out.

Sort laundry accordingly: it helps your clothes last longer because certain pieces of clothing may be damaged when neutral colors are mixed with brighter colors of clothing.

Wash clothes inside out: to reduce fading and prevent inscription on clothing from cracking, you can wash your cloth inside out when washing in the washing machine.

Store clothes properly: closets usually have doors for a reason and that is to keep clothes in a cool and dark area to preserve them. If clothes are exposed to direct sunlight over a long period of time, the garment fades permanently.

Inculcate simple sewing techniques: be more sustainable with your clothing and learn to fix your clothes so that they last for as long as you want.

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