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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Why Eunice Adeoye's RIPPLES Catering & Events Company ls In Hot Demand

This is the story of one beautiful  female entrepreneur who is currently doing so well in the catering & event business despite all the challenges facing  many businesses right now.

It is the story of Eunice Adeoye who is very good at what she does for a living and she gets commended for it.

She is a Caterer.And she organises events no matter how big it is.All she requires is to briefed adequately and once you agree with her terms, you can go to sleep and come to your own event like a guest.

She is on top of her game.And that possibly explains why she usually gets resounding commendation on account of each service she renders.

She is the CEO of Ripples Catering & events company. She can play about 8 roles.She is into Event management. She does drop off Catering. She is an expert in Party &Menu planning. She is good in Conference &Meeting Planning.She does Wedding Consulting,icing of drinks, decorations,and the handling of small chops like Samosa/Spring Rolls .

She handles rental of Cooling Van and she does training also.She is infact an all rounder.

She was the event planner of the just concluded 43rd birthday prayers of Olori Aderonke Emmanuelking, the beautiful and ever gorgeous wife of Adron Homes & Properties GMD.

She got a resounding ovation for a job well done.

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