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FOOD CYCLE:Eating At The Right Time By Wellness Coach,Nkechi Nwabs

Food is essential for Nourishment, Growth, Healing, Protection and ultimately survival right? But an important factor to consider is also knowing when to eat so we can live healthy and enjoy the benefits of eating at the right time.

At certain times of the day, the body goes into different modes and as such, performs different functions.

Below are the different phases of the Food Cycle.

1.) REPLENISHING PHASE: This is the best period to eat all your food as an adult,say from 12noon to 8pm.( You can eat  breakfast earlier than 12 noon if u're really hungry, as long as you've eliminated waste from the previous day).
During this period,the body is active and ready to be nourished.Food is easily digested because you are actively moving from place to place,doing one activity or the other. Body motion helps the process of digestion.

This is the phase of relaxation, rest and sleep.it is during this period,that the body processes and utilizes the food you've eaten all through the day. The body distributes nutrients to various parts of the body to repair reconstruct and build new tissues. Healing takes place during this period. Repair and reconstruction are best when the entire system is at rest and then you wake up feeling renewed and refreshed.

3.) ELIMINATION PHASE:(4am-12noon) This period, the body gets rid of waste and toxic materials generated from food that has been consumed during the previous day.
During digestion,a considerable amount of waste is generated. The waste must be completed removed ( Excretion).

During elimination phase,we are not expected to eat so as not to disrupt the process. whatever we eat during this period,has the tendency to congest the system and force the body to reabsorb the waste and toxins and make the body feel sluggish and weak. This could be a disaster sooner or later.it is advised that you drink water,eat fruits during this period so as to aid the process of elimination.
As always, remember wellness is everything...!

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(Nkechi Nwabs is a Columnist with Citypeople Online Fashion and Beauty magazine)

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