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This is a woman that we all want to be like, she is authentic, confident, friendly, original, when she walks into a room, you will notice her. High quality men want to be with this type of woman, they adore her because she values herself therefore she will be valued in return.

Being a needy, pushover, yes, yes of a woman an arrogant woman or a bitch doesn’t get any woman anywhere.

There are few things that makes a woman a high value woman in the eyes of other women and the eyes of quality men. It is not about material things, education, or looks.

CONFIDENCE; self -confidence, this woman believes in herself, she believes that she is amazing, not faking it till she makes it. Knowing who she is, loving everything that makes her who she is, she loves her appearance, loves everything about herself, does not want to be like somebody else. She is able to fill herself up, doesn’t rely on other people to create her own happiness.
She knows what she wants, knowing that its ok not to have all the answer. Not needy, or looking for compliments, able to take criticism and work on her failure. Not a wannabe, no a copycat. Classy and still capable of having fun at the same time. It it’s all about knowing the balance 

 She has a high level of self-Worth,
This is a woman who knows what she wants. She has a high standard, determined to achieve her goals and will work towards it and goes after what she wants
She is an amazing wife, mother, a joy to work with, a pleasure to have her as a friend. She is not afraid to leave a non-fulfilling relationship, toxic people, anything or anyone one that is not bringing peace into her life, she does not allow fear to keep her stuck in those relationships that does not bring her closer to where she wants to be in her life. She is not afraid to start all over again.

High value woman knows how to set standard and values;
Because she knows what she wants, she able to set standards of how she wants to be treated by others, and also what she wants from others. She can set boundaries, and command respect from others, can do these in a loving way.  She is not aggressive but assertive in her ways. She does not allow people to treat her anyhow, she is able to walk away from a relationship that is not fulfilling for her and without any hard feelings, because she knows that she will be fine, she has no fear of being on her own.

HVW doesn’t doubt herself, she knows that decisions she makes are for her own highest worth. Because she is confident, and she is not afraid to fail, she has a high level of self-worth.

A woman should always wear an Invisible crown 

High value woman demands Respect;
Since A HVW loves herself and respect herself, she demands respect in return,
She does not beg for respect, and does not act arrogantly to get it. She simply gets it because she respects other people and treats everyone the way she wants to be treated. She communicates her needs, she accepts people on face value and does not want to change anyone. She accepts that she cannot change people/situation, but she can choose to walk away from situation that does not meet her standard or bring her joy.
She does not allow abuse, nor does she tolerate behaviors that will make remain in an abusive situation. Because she loves herself, she will walk away from situation and people that are not respecting her.

A HVW is not afraid to show her vulnerability:
She can be powerful but not losing her feminine touch. She is not bitchy, she is able to show people that she has failed in the past, and she is not perfect. She does not have a wall up to show that she is a tough woman, or that she does not need a man in her life.
This woman is able to show who she is, and able to command respect, and still able to hold on to a relationship without losing herself

A High value woman, knows how to set boundaries does not exhibit or take on someone else’s bad projection, insecurities, manipulation, or narcissistic behavior, because she can set her own boundaries.

An HVW have a life of her own, a life outside her partner or boyfriend, a life that is intrinsically hers.

HVW Has A Passion: she puts passion into everything she does, people will always embrace her when they see that she is passionate about things she does, this will attract the right people into your life

Finally A HVW is able to say No! She’s not always be agreeable to men or friends, she has her own opinion.
A lot of women think being agreeable to a man makes relationship last, in fact, it is the opposite, say no when you need to and demand your respect, this makes a man to value you and respect you for having your own opinion

In other words, to be this woman described above the High Value Woman, we need to do a self-reflection, look at what is missing in becoming this woman, how can we improve ourselves. This will enable us to attract a great relationship, achieve our dreams and goals.


Teenu Impactress is a Columnist with City People Online Fashion & Beauty Magazine

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