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Top North West Caterer Adeola Garuba, CEO Dee Delicious [PAFASH COLUMN]

Adeola Garuba, CEO Dee Delicious  Catering

Dee delicious is your next door catering and event provider. With our years of experience, we specialize in making African and Caribbean cuisines across the UK, although we're based in Liverpool.

We're popularly known for using fresh ingredients to create delicious meal for our clients and offer both indoor and outdoor events including Takeaway, Corporate or Private events, Weddings and Birthdays parties. Our services include Food & Cocktails with free delivery in Liverpool and it's environs.

Deedelicious has been rated 5 by the Food & Standards Agency and is a certified Food & Hygiene caterer.

We can be contacted on 07956173757 or [email protected]
Instagram: @deedelicious
Facebook: Adeola Garuba

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