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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.



Hello people, a lovely day to you all.. today, I’ll be sharing on how to boost fertility naturally.

Fertility is the natural ability on a male or female to produce offspring after their own kind. However, in recent times, the rate of Fertility in humans is being affected adversely due to numerous factors.. people now resort to other means of increasing their chances of getting pregnant with improvements in Technology.



The factors affecting Fertility are numerous but I shall discuss a few.

1) Poor Diet; Lack of inadequate intake of Essential Nutrients eg Zinc,Folate, Vitamin C etc.

2) Lifestyle; Excessive intake of Alcohol and Tobacco use..

3) Environmental Pollution: Exposure to toxic chemical waste..

4) Aging: Fertility gradually declines with age both in Male and Female.

5) infections resulting in damage or blockage of Reproductive organs especially in women.



1) DO a Detox/Cleanse.this helps to cleanse the body and rid it of all dirts, toxins or anything that could prevent conception.it also helps to balance hormones and improves the body's functionality.

2) Eat Healthy and we'll balanced Diet eg Fruits, vegetables. These will improve reproductive health, increase fertility, and boost Libido.(Leafy Greens, Salmon, Berries, Avocado, Beans, Maca root) etc.

3) Adopt a healthier a Lifestyle eg Avoid excess Sugar, Alcohol and Tobacco use.

4) Exercise moderately so as to maintain a healthy weight..

5)Avoid Saturated Fat from your diet,they contain high levels of oestrogen which can cause infertility.

6) Incorporate Natural Nutritional supplements.it will to nourish your body,bridge the gap in your diet and balance your hormones ..

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