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Which type of Gele Do You Like?


This is the maiden edition of my column that will focus on the trending issues in Fashion and Beauty. You will enjoy every bit of it. This is a promise from me to you. So let's get started by focusing on Gele. Which type of Gele do you like? Which ones don't you like?

Let me start by telling you all you need to know about Gele (Head Gear).

Gele is a traditional Nigerian Headwrap. It is worn during special occasions as an accessory to the traditional outfit of mainly the Yoruba, Hausa and the Igbo tribes...

Gele styles comes in different variation as it could be styled as simple as a scarf or as complicated as a peacock style, which may be very problematic to tie.

The different gele styles keeps changing over the years with different trending generational styles

In today's world, Gele can be tied with different materials such as the popular Asooke, Ankara material, lace material Sego, Damask, and recently some people even use slick materials. basically, while some of this materials can be combined to tie a single piece of gele.


Here are some different trending types of geles- :



Double fan gele

Infinity pleated with fan,

Casual gele

Conture gele

Flower umbrella

Bling gele

Perfect Rose

Side Rose gele

Side twisted fan

Auto gele of different styles.


Basically, the act of tying a gele comes with creativity and inspiration most times, but due to the problem encounter by different women while styling their Owanbe gele, this has led to the creation of READY MADE GELE, which is now known as AUTO GELE    which means the material is permanently sewed and designed in a specific style as Ready to wear gele. Which makes it very easy to wear and keep for a longer time.


The act of making gele has now become so trending and professional that even the guys (the males) are not left behind as some guys now professionally specialize in the act of tying gele and they are seriously cashing out in this lucrative business... As the cost of of tying a gele ranges between 1k (one thousand naira) to 5k (five thousand naira ) per gele depending on the technical  design of the gele.....

No wonder the fashion gele caught the attention of the popular musician Beyonce... She recently invited a Nigerian lady in the United States to tie her pink gele which was featured in her latest music...   I guess Gele fashion is gradually making its way into the international fashion world as other nations of the world are now embracing our Nigerian signature gele...


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