Monday, 2 November 2020



The momentum for the END SARS  movement gathered pace, we could all smell real change in the air. The youths have taken charge this time. Controlling how the protests progress at every turn. It was very peaceful and positively encouraging.

The mood in Nigeria and around Nigerians in diaspora was electric, the vibe inspired us all. Even International celebrities joined in. They know that for the good of the continent, Nigeria the giant of Africa needs a new narrative.

 And then the shooting and killing of unarmed protesters at Lekki Toll gate happened. This tragic turn of events completely changed the course of the movement.

A protest that saw youths become their brother's keeper. A movement that saw solidarity, that opened our eyes to who the Nigerian youth truly is. We were suddenly introduced to a group of young people with love and compassion, whose desire in life is to be given the same opportunity as the select few, so they can also thrive.

We met hard working young men and women whose dreams were stolen because of corruption and inequality. At the protest grounds, they were all given a voice, they felt included and listened to. It was a moment we all became  #proudlynigerian. That saying One nation, one destiny came to mind.

 Those few days of bliss, of what could have been was shattered in an instant.

 The peace and understanding which guarded the protest throughout Nigeria descended into chaos. The anger the youths suppressed, erupted. Carnage took hold, and curfews were put in place. Almost killing the movement.

 Almost, because the movement have only just begun. In the Diaspora, #ENDSARSNOW did not die. From Sweden to Switzerland, from London to New York, Scotland, Canada,Italy and beyond, Nigerians and friends of Nigeria took to the streets to protest.  It is not set to end as there are many more End SARS protests planned in different parts of the world.

Nigeria has the potentials to be even greater than she is now. Until real change in the whole system, including our mindset is implemented, we will continue to have situations where politicians hide palliatives meant for constituents because they can. They will continue to be above the law, and like me and my mates who believed we would be leaders of tomorrow but never did, children born today will face the same problem. Our country deserves better.

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