Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Let's Focus On Men’s Wear

Welcome back to another edition on fashion weekly.

On today’s fashion, we will be looking at a men’s wear like Aso oke for Trousers and Buba top paired with nice palm slippers and a small bag.

Another outfit we will be talking about for guys is a Sokoto and Buba paired with a nice leather shoe to match.

Let go to normal casual outfit like suit trousers with nice shirt paired with a suit jacket match with a white sneakers.

Another trending outfit we will be looking at is black pant trousers with a green suit jacket paired with a leather shoes.

Another nice outfit we will be looking at is a black jeans trousers with a black T- shirt paired with a sweat jacket match with a white.

We will also be looking at some nice ripped jeans with a white T-shirt paired with a jacket and a blue cap to match.


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