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Meet London's Top 5 Naija Skin Specialists (Cream Sellers)


Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time. (Linden Tyler)

Today we present 5 top skin Specialists that have vast knowledge about skincare, skin routine regiments, skin creams, and lotions, skin cleansers and scrubs and skincare beauty provider wholistically.

 There are various skin specialists in the UK, but here are the top 5 most popular.

Dazzling Daizy is Recognised in the Uk as one of the top MC  and event organiser sourced for .However she has a cream range called Bold and Beautiful which is said to target ebony and brown skin.   she is a brand Influencer and a force to reckon with.

Folasade Olatunji is a skin
  specialist based in Manchester. Her skincare and beauty products are sold under her brand name Eloquenza -Elo skincare. She is said to be ontop of the skincare business and popular amongst Celebrities and Public Figures.

Abimbola Sonde is a Manchester based skin specialist and a business mogul. Her skin care brand is called CQ Beauty Haven . she has power pulling celebrities that stamps and endorses her products year by year .

Titilayo Duyile is the CEO of Er Tee Emporium Palace based in Essex, United Kingdom.

She is known in the high social gatherings and a big babe known all over the UK. she specialises in skin products, and has a brand makeup line. Er Tee is said to be one of the top hair sellers in the UK, Ireland and Europe Generally. She owns a massive spa in Essex that gets patronised by big babes and big dudes in Essex and Beyond.

Olaide Gold is the CEO of OlaideGold skincare and beauty Products. she is known for her organic products that helped many to repaid damaged skin.

Olaide Gold is a socialite and very popular in the Uk social Gatherings. She has other businesses in Nigeria and in the Uk such as Event centres, Hotels and a fabric store.

Olaideskin care is sourced after by many because of many positive feedbacks from clients on her website and social media pages

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  1. Beautiful and hardworking ladies.. Kudos to them. Allah bless their hussles..