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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


Lagos celebrity woman, Princess Folashade Odumosu likes to dress well. And she does that all the time. Anytime you see her, she is always on point. She wears the best outfits money can buy and she loves good quality Jewellery to go with it. She is also blessed with a good skin that glows. All of these make her stand out all the time. How did she develop that side of her?

“I picked it up from my Mother and Father. My father is a Prince and my mother is a Princess. So I am an Omooba. And Omooba has to dress very well. My mother sells Clothes and Jewelry. That is what I grew up to know.”

She sells gold in Ibadan and Ghana. That was what took her to Ghana, because when we were growing up, what I know she does was to bring Gold from Ghana to Nigeria. And when she is going, she carries BENSON Cigarette (Cigar Benson) with her to sell here. They didn’t have it in Nigeria at that time. So she used to bring it from Ghana to Nigeria. And when she is going to Ghana from Nigeria, she carries Raleigh Bicycle.”

“They don’t have it here in Ghana. She will load trucks with all these. When she is coming from Ghana, she will come with Gold & Benson Cigarette.”

“After we came back to Nigeria, what she was selling was Cloths in Ibadan, at Gbagi Market. And she was selling Gold. So, I love Gold. That is what I met her doing. So, I am Omo Iya Alaso.”

“My father also was a fashionista. He loved to dress well. My father was very tall. My father was 6’4. He used to dress well. So, ile ni mo ba. I met the tradition in the house.”


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