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What you are about to read are the stories of top fashion designers who rocked the fashion scene in the early adn mid-2,000. There are big names in the fashion industry. Where are they today. Below is the list of about 100 designers who dominated the scene then. Where are they now?



Outfit - Adebayo Jones Couture

Style - His designs are influenced by an ecclectic  mix of nature, a good eye for detail and a keen interest in the art. With his personal and style of luxury, comfort and versatility, his outfits cloaks the wearer with much confidence with his pot pouri of designers signatures in a unique blend to form his own luxury line which include shoes and bags. He is a well-known label in and outside Nigeria.

Location - United Kingdom


Outfit-Ade Bakare

Style - His unique couture line reveals an embodiment of classics. Yet modem in design and fashion from his clothe line to the fashion accessory and fragrance line, he has come to cater for a wide international audience. With simplicity as his main focus, the luxury of his fabrics, however allows for the fine cut to his rich collection.

Location - London, England



Outfit - Bunor Creazioni

Style - His line which caters for men and mostly women has seen his corset form his signatural theme and earned him the royal title of King of bustiers. The mould like effect his works give has made many more female fans gravitate towards his designs as he is rather meticulous when it comes to finishing and fitting.

Location - Surulere - Lagos



Outfit - Bijelly Couture

Style - Realising her fulfillment lies not in practising law but designing clothes, she set out to make her mark. Her creativity which reflects boldly in her work which is a unique blend of old and new stylishly put together to form a futuristic look which makes her works go far.



Outfit - Bloomingales

Style - Known to churn out the most exotic designs especially in traditional Iro and Buba in luxurious french lace materials designed in a way that the theme of usual look turns out “sexy”. She is also well seasoned in the up and down concepts.

Location - Ikeja, Lagos.





Outfit - Davida Shirtmakers

Style - A Lawyer turned shirt maker, from making the normal cotton shirts, Davida has broken her label to include work shirts, casuals and dressy shirts made into a plethora of styles chosen from a wide variety of fabric ranging from cotton, silk, raw silk, organdi, organza etc.

Location - Victoria Island, Lagos.



Outfit - House of Maufechi

Style - Amongst the early designers, she is still a force to reckon with, being around for over two decades this outfit is still a clear leader, her haute couture line has redefined many styles of old, revamping them into the fashion of today having set many trends from the past, Maufechi still works with every fabric type she can lay her trends on creating wonderful concept in single, double and even triple pieces finished off with clean embellishment.

Location - Opebi, Lagos.



Outfit - Hallero Couture

Style - Her label has been designed to be flexible and is known for stocking both ready-to-wear clothes and giving personal consultation she equally has stretched her skill into making stylish bags in time with the times.

Location - Victoria Island, Lagos.




Stylist - Her romance with the African Wax Print has since become a signature for her label, besides the dramatic styling of her outfits, her line can be best described as exotic couture. Receiving the Ankara fabric to a high point to coutured designs, her dramatic designs have given a whole new meaning to the relatively inexpensive African Wax Print Ankara.

Location - Victoria Island, Lagos.



Outfit - Jewel by Lisa

Style - Giving the Ankara fabric an exotic edge is one plus for this label. Starting of with simple embellised prints, today they have evolved to blending other fabrics with the rith Akara prints but not without their signatural embellishment.

Location - Ikoyi, Lagos.



Outfit - Kosibah Creations

Style - His mould like corsets cannot be missed, mixed with the fanfair of luxurious fabrics and drapery. He is well versed with building this concept into almost any outfit making his works the toast of elegant fashionistas.

Location - United Kingdom.



Outfit - LDA

Style - Her designs differ greatly from the conventional, everyday up and down or single pieces, whatever she makes- tops, skirts and mostly dresses, it always has a touch of the Victoria look, with a jazzle up twist of trimmings and flowers to create wow-concepts.

Location - Ikoyi, Lagos.



Outfit - La Wiza

Style - With a ready to wear line in casuals and flowing dresses, she embroids easily on whatever fabric is available for that signatural mark. Either way it cut or design, her works speak volumes of her high level creativity.

Location - Magodo, Lagos.



Outfit - Mudi

Style - A master in the casual craft of shirt making. His philosophy revolves amount modesty, simplicity and class, creating the formal look from simple casual pieces to achieve on casually formal look with various fabric like chiffon, liner, brocade, cotton etc.

Location - Anthony Village, Abuja.



Outfit - Mon Ami

Style - A creative genius, his genre of fashion cuts across so many territories such that it is hard to actually pin down which particular area his creative streak is the strongest. His avant garde designs and cosmopolitan approch has made him an all time favourite.

Location -  Ogba, Lagos.



Outfit - Modella

Style - His claim to Ethnicity knows no bounds making desirable discards and materials of no importance into transformed apparels of beauty.

One time designer of the year Modella’s talent shows in both the male and female closet pieces.

Location - Obanikoro, Lagos.




Outfit - Okunoren Twins

Style - This duo stepped on the scene in 2004 and they have gathered enough impressive remarks to keep their label going strictly into men’s clothing but with occasional female clothing, these guys have put their stamp in the fashion runway with their unique cut body-fit jackets.

Location - Ikoyi, Lagos



Outfit Nodoni Fashion

Style - Her Senegalese embroidery launched her into the limelight no sooner her unique cut of ups and downs became a most sought after by various fashionistas. Today her designs still stand out with pride as there is always an unusual twist to her style.




Outfit - Nikky Khiran

Style - Her style is purely ethnic from an African neat built in the realm of haute couture, making it have an added flavour from the western, usuals. With a rich blend of colour and high sense of appeals. Nikky Khiran’s style is more, but there speaking volumes of the wearer as being chic and exotic.

Location - Ikoyi, Lagos.



Outfit - Out of Africa/KSLD

Style - This label has broken existing barriers by going to a level where it can compete with any foreign label across the globe. A blend of the ethnic with Western concept using local fabrics like indigo, Aso-Oke mixed with liner, chiffon, silk, organza etc has seen this reputable Medical Practitioner a unique connoisseur of African and ethnic clothing.

Location - Victoria Island, Lagos.



Outfit - Oodua Creation/ANT

Style - Strictly in a class of her own, this line has always been celebrated for its versatility, terrific designs, colour combination, strict attention to detail, finesse and an top of it all, flawless finishing. A haute couturist to the core, this line has since emerged Nigerians most celebrated haute couturist. Not bound by fabric restriction or twist in trend, this line sets its own marks for others to follow.

Location - Victoria, Island, Lagos.



Outfit - Princess Clothings

Style - Hers can be tagged “catchy” as she works mainly around the pattern of the popular print fabric Ankara in up and down eye popping apparel. She also has a line that caters for the male folks.

Location - Ikeja, Lagos.



Outfit - Regalia

Style - A lover ofthe African print, chiffon, chantilly laces and the likes, Regalia has built a name for herself in the fashion world for quite a while.

With no peculiar signature to her works. Her outfit is a combination of Africa fabrics with European styles.

Location - Lekki, Lagos.



Outfit - Ravisante Mode

Style - Not to fussy, easy wears, best described this line, the only noise is made in the evening wear sector, whereby the styles bear a lot of razzmatazz in tune with the time. The French touch to the clothes which comes from where the designer gathered her rather unique skills, has she seen her designs edge on especially in the kaftan and boubou sector.

Location - Victoria Island.



Outfit - Schon Afrique

Style - Design, colours and creativity has always held an attraction for her for the past 15 years, her motivating factor has always been to produce exclusive and original clothing made-to-measure. Schon which means beautiful in German language has seen her label cater for majority of the Northern women of style.

Location - Ikoyi, Lagos.



Outfit - Sighetu

Style - Talk of the ethnic edge with a Western tune added with today’s look and you have a wonderful blend of art emerging from this fashion house. Their simplest designs all bear the trademark of style and this has brought in a new frame of freshness to the fashion industry.

Location - Ikeja, Lagos.



Outfit - Tiffany Amber & I Folake Folarin

Style - For one who has been around for close to a decade, the label still holds the mark for being quite versatile with fluid fabric. Her signature can best be described as bohemian tunics with lavish colourful prints and handmade embroidery, while her free flowing outfits make a huge difference from the regular up and down styles.

Location - Victoria Island, Lagos.



Outfit- Tae

Style - Her style of classy casual outfits is still a lot number any day. Her unique skirt range has seen her stretch her creative skills to the dress line flaunting - tunics, wrap and bubble designs all embellished to give a shimmery finish. Her style is to give a twist to any trend given.

Location - Ikeja, Lagos.



Outfit - Valerie David

Style - Her versatility and creativity set her apart from the very start. Her designs of corsetry gives a mould-like effect to the wearer and this she builds into whatever piece she creates be it dress or shirt.

Also birthing the sash look, Valerie David creates styles for the big and small sized women.

Location - Ikeja and Lekki, Lagos.



Outfit - Xclamations

Style - This is one casual line that steps out with a difference with a signature trend of blanket stitched edged on their clothes they are specialised in making shirts, skirts and mostly female pieces which swing both formally and informal.

Location - Anthony Village, Lagos.



Outfit - Zelua

Style - Her designs attest to her in-depth knowledge of fashion designing. One unique edge to her works is her ability to create her own exclusive fabrics by taking almost any fabric available through the process of tie and dye in vibrant cool colours which are quite adventurous and aid to express the individuality of the wearer.

Location - Victoria Island, Lagos.


Outfit - Zizi

Style - Tagged as one of Nigerian’s most daring fashion designers, her label is synonymous with working with the Ankara fabric creating a romance with the western. Quite at ease with the Ankara, as she started out at a time others opted for other various indigenous fabric.

Today with a long list of first she has been able to skillfully turn this rugged and cleap fabric to haute couture pieces embellishing and adding a lot of value to it thereby delicate pieces to handle.

Location - Ikoyi, Lagos.



Outfit - Vivid Imagination

Style - Tagged one of the pioneers of the trade, this all male line flaunts its skills in the western traditional sector.

From the Agbadas to the well tailored embroidered natives, they work with any type of materials wool, cotton etc.

Location - Obanikoro, Lagos.



Outfit - Latris

Style - Known for their well Tailored French Suits, this all male fashion outfit has a signatural mode of embroidering their buttons.

They also launched the senegalese look into the men fashion four years back and since then they have been honing their skills distinctively. The owner is now a King in Ikate.

Location - Ikeja, Lagos.



Outfit - Atampa

Style - Her cut on print designs cannot be missed as this has become one signature that breezed in when the excitement of Ankara up and down ran short of adventure.

Her ability to work round the, patterns and create overwhelming concepts has made her works stand firmly in a class of their own with her hot couture brand.

Location - Aminu, Kano Crescent, Abuja.




Style - Well admired for his great sense of style, his drive, zeal, passion and eye for fashion has seen him soar in the department for gents. In various fabric types of voile, linen and wool, his works make good examples of western and traditional apparel for men.

Location - Ibadan, Oyo State.



Outfit - Christofas

Style - He is into the Ibo Suits (worker) Agbada, Shirt, Suit, Kaftans and Safari. Starting out over three decades ago, his line is strictly traditional.

Location - Ikeja, Lagos.



Outfit - Divine Endowment

Style - Her Ankara up and down collection oozes off elegance, with her using the dictates of the times as an ingredient of her stunning outfits, this line flaunts its own tag of creativity in the most exotic way, thereby making it all the more versatile in made to measure styles.

Location - Ikeja, Lagos.



Outfit - Drop Dead Gorgeous (DDG)

Style - Hers is a style that stands firmly on its own outside the bounds of competition as it an idea yet to be conceived. This line has set quite a number of trends and overtime, it has has turned out to be show stoppers. A lover of indigenous fabric, this label has put creativity to the test and stepped out victorious.

Location - Oregun, Lagos.



Outfit - Eve2000

In a bid to re-define style essentially for the typical African woman, she gave the African Kaftan/Boubou a whole new look with hand painted, motif and bejeweled garnishes. Today, her pret-a-porter and haute couture lines frequently change the looks of usual wears, like dresses, ups and downs and ceremonial wears in the most appealing manner.

Location - Ikeja, Lagos.



Outfit - Exclusive Wardrobe

Style - A unisex outfit in all forms, this fashion house is particular with details and flawless finishing. A strong user of the print fabric in all indigenous forms especially batik Exclusive Wardrobe has also tried its hands in the tie and dye sector whereby it creates not only head during designs from but also incorporate into its works to make it stand out in a crowd of like materials as its designs are quite exclusive.

Location - Anthony Village, Lagos.



Outfit - Emmy Collins

Style - His is quite urban with an exotic twist of flamboyance, using the basic rules as a foundation but also infusing a whole lot of adventure from the cut to the material in use. A lover of vibrantly coloured fabrics, this line caters for both men and women.

Location - United Kingdom and Ikoyi, Lagos.





Outfit - L. A. Creations

Style - His cut and pair style of print and plane fabric is one that is second to none. Known to design exemplary well for both sexes, this outfit is a big player in making casual shirts of any cut.

Location - Itire, Mushin, Lagos.



Outfit- GIA

Style - Her concept and designs are quite overwhelmingly different as with this line nothing seems to waste. Waste of fabric, chips of accessories etc all add up to create a haute couture look never imagined but only as ideas with a love of versatile fabrics from the indigenous to the Western edge, this line has been able to bridge the gap between both worlds captured in elegance and style.

Location - Lekki, Lagos.



Outfit - House of Henry

With a specialty in the bridal and evening wear sector, this one time designer of the year has her fingers in a lot of pies ranging from bead making to millinery. Her works flaunt a lot of craftship which border around details and punctuality.

Location - Lagos.



Outfit - Headworks

Style - Their range of hats though not devoid of the razzmataz of others, have also been enjoying their own share of stardom various hat material concepts that would speak volumes of your style are on parade here, flaunting their creative edge celebrating style.

Location - Ikeja, Lagos.



Outfit - Iconola

Style - For one who started out by tracing patterns, she has sure come a long way to proving her own mettle.

Drawing inspiration from a favourite foreign designer - vera wang, her skill lies in the bridal sector with a classy line oftops, skirts and dresses.

Location - Omole Estate, Lagos.



Outfit - Imol

Style - With a theme of “Elegance Redefined”, her style and trend is more of the ethnic edge with a classic stamp of creativity mixed with style. Their attention to detail is the major key factor coupled with unique fabrics with clean lines cut and designed to their credit of distinction time and time again.



Outfit - Jovan Dayle

Style -  When it comes to the razzmatazz of showbiz, this line is readily thought of known to be responsible for the drama associated with the trendy looks of entertainers, this label has infused much glamour into an industry that lacked the buzz of fashion. His line caters mostly for the male folk. He is quite creative in suits of jazzed with patchworks.

Location - Ebute-Metta, Lagos.



Outfit - MYA

Style - Starting out by producing high quality couture wedding gowns, she stretched her skills to include evening and occasion wears as well as offering bespoke tailoring services for traditional garments. She has strong points in the dress department.

Location - Ikeja, Lagos.



Outfit - O‘Emporium

Style - For this label its not just about style alone but also glamour. Working with venus fabric types, their skill lies in the “dress code”, with unique styles draping around the feminine form with various enhancements like sashes, puff sleeves etc.

Location - Victoria Island - Lagos.



Outfit-Nobel Afrik

Style - Tagged the King of afrocentric wears, he has a special inkling to the African fabric for one who has been ironing his skills since 1993, he has made his mark in the field of fashion, up to the point of running a fashion academy where other geniuses have been discovered and lots more also have tapped from his fountain of style.

Location - Gbagada and Maryland, Lagos.



Outfit- Q

Style - For one who knows how a gentleman of style should step out, “Q” as this designer is well known as has done well for himself. His line quite unusual, takes to marked out details, with clean fine cuts anytime his designs are seen. A perfectionist to the cone, his sharp sense of style and abilities knows no bounds as he has set standards yet unmatched.

Location - Ogba - Lagos.



Outfit - Sophisticat

Style - An all men’s world, their style of Agbada and Kaftans are quite unique with attention being paid to details of embroidery and cut. For one who has been in the trade for quite a while now, sophisticate is not restricted to the “Guinean” look only as other more fluid materials have since been incorporated to use.

Location - Maryland, Lagos.



Outfit - V-Gold

Style - Building designs around the Ankara fabric has always been her strong point, even when others were yet to discover the beauty of such a versatile material. In the midst of the busy designs of her works, much simplicity and style reflects through this making her works suitable for any occasion.

Location - Lagos.



Outfit - Younass Collection

Style - Her signature differs from the usual fitted top and A-line fitted skirt. Her background lends an ethnic touch to her designs in terms of sparsely placed embroidery she uses to garnish her female clothes line to a flawless finish.

Location - Victoria Island, Lagos.



Outfit, Zeof

Style - Trained in creating African Suits, to showcase a traditional corporate identity is their style signature. For one who is deeply in touch with his roots sure reflects in his works.

Location - Lagos.



Outfit - New Attitudes

Style - This outfit caters for both men and women of style, with a staff strength of over 50 Tailors, this line spans through all forms of clothes making from bespoke to haute couture.

Location - Ikeja, Lagos.



Outfit: Teriulk

Style: Loves creating new lines of style using Ankara, silk chiffon and mainly, she’s specialised on both foreign and local fabric. She’s known for the glamour she creates while originating new designs be it skirt, blouse, frocks or gown.

Her major concept is very dramatic.

Location: Abuja.



Outfit: Jorkems

Style: Specialises majorly on gowns dresses and agbadas (Mini or Full) using only Chiffon and Silk. Her major style is both simple classic and dramatic. She’s known with designing flowing gowns as well as making fitted wears.

Location: Lagos Island.



Outfit: Silk and Pupple

Style: She is a jack of all trade.

Deals with any fabric that comes her way, especially African fabric. Her major style is both dramatic and classic.

She’s known for glamour she gives her clients. She deals with originality and this she’s known for.

Location: Aleshinloye and Bodija, Ibadan.



Outfit: Fashion minds

Style. Uses creativity on Bridal and carpets wears only.

Majorly, he deals with satin, silk, chiffon, organza and bridal lacy and sequence materials. Due to his creativity, his style is both dramatic and simple. He has carved a niche for himself when it comes to glamour.

-Location: Ring, Ibadan.



Outfit: Afrik 1

Style: Deal strictly on African male wears. The fabric used ranges from Ankara, Linen, Guinea, Adire etc. The outfit is good when it comes to perfect embroidery work for men.

Majorly sews at affordable price.

Location: Bodija, Ibadan.




Outfit: Mide Cut & Sew

Style: Deals majorly on corporate wears using exotic fabrics. Also, the outfit deals with wedding wears for men. It gives glamour to most of its clients with perfection in both fitted and loose shirts.

Location: Ring Road, Ibadan.



Outfit: Ronkad

Style: Uses different fabric to create dramatic and classic styles. Majors in both Adire, Ankara, Lace and Western Fabrics. Loves originating designs personally for her clients. She has her patronage based on the glamour and beauty given to her clients.

Location: Ring Road, Ibadan.



Outfit: Beampeh

Style: A mixture of artworks, wearable art pieces, embossed on pure and natural fabric is one kick you can not get enough of from this line.

With a rich background in the arts, this line know how to balance out both the abstract and reality. All evolving with a good vibe of style.

Location: Victoria Island, Lagos.



Outfit: Davida Shirt-makers.

Style: It is strictly shirt affair in this joint as their strength lies majority in shirt making. Their cut and style IS coutured around the drama and adventure the woman of today years. With tools like colour, cut and fancy cut signs, Davida Shirt-makers style span from the cooperate sector to the party circles.

Location, Ikoyi, Lagos.



 Outfit: Mai

Style: A new kid on the block, his style oozes of class and glamour. A corset major in some areas. He is not afraid to experiment with ideas he dreams up. With a very unique signature styles his fitted look carves neat lines around the shape ofthe wearer.

Location, Lagos.



Outfit: Alvince Couture

Style - It is all a snug fit affair in this sector. Mostly his style signature, this designer loves to have his male clients shirts cling into their masculine frame, hence giving them that “hunky” look. His style of embroidery as embellishments on these shirts and an extended trail gives the wearer a whole new look of style.

Location, Surulere, Lagos.


Designer - Mix N Match:

Oyinsola Adun

Style: Being deeply involved in marketing fabrics, this fashion house dwells in exclusive world of “sample pieces.” Their designs are coutured around these fabrics and they are cut to specifics, which settles them in a class of their own. With a variety of silks, taffetta and dreamy shades and designs which they use in their up and down pieces.

Location. Sura, Lagos.



Outfit: Mona Matthews

Style: It’s all about the leather here, as they produce the best quality shoes and bags for all occasions. Their craftsmanship in style is second to none as they are well informed on the style and dictates of today. They incooporation of semiprecious stones and chattily fabric pieces used to embellish their finished products, further enhances the finishing.

Location: Anthony Village, Lagos.



Outfit: Amede

Style- Chic and Eclectic best describes this line. With strict preference for hand made fabric prints, this line doesn’t go with the trend, but rather they go with the seasons and the style which is always timeless. Showing dresses, wrap gowns and other basic clothing items turn out to be red carpet pieces.

Location: Adeniyi Jones,

Ikeja, Lagos.



 Outfit: Orisun Ewar Style: Her style gravitates towards the indigenous, from fabric to cut, having been born into an age long trade (4 generations back). The use of these fabric to either create or design any piece, is very unique in its own way. Their designs reflect in every area of life from casual day wears to untimate night time wears.

Location- Ibadan and Lagos.



Outfit: Babugee

Style: Eccentric and chick best describes this line. With a huge dose of the ‘wow’ factor attached, this line prefers details to be at the back for a lasting impression. With much emphasis laid on plain fabric to bring about an exciting effect, this line says it all in one word “Sensons.”

Location. Ogba, Lagos.



Outfit: Finicky

Style: Her configuration of the local adire batik become a cosmopolitan piece of art work shows a glamorous balance of both backgrounds. Her strength lies in the flared pieces of skirts which she cuts with such ease, to sweep and rest effortlessly on the waist line of the wearer in a unique style.

Style- Palmgrove, Lagos.

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