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Why I Had A Low Key 40th Birthday-Popular Blogger & Event Host, Bodex

Everyone calls her Bodex. That is her industry name. But her real name is Florence Hungbo. She is a very beautiful lady who is multi-talented and very creative. She runs her blog and hosts events. She is blessed with a great figure and she can be daring in her dressing. All eyes were on her recently when she hosted the Citypeople Fashion and Beauty Awards. Her very revealing Green dress caused a stir. That is Bodex for you. The big news is that she is 40 but she didn't make noise about it a few days back when she clocked 40.Why was she quiet about it? How did she mark it? This and many more were the questions Citypeople Publisher Seye Kehinde threw at her when she agreed to talk about her life. Below are excerpts of the interview.

Que1: How did you celebrate your last birthday?

I was just home chilling, full of thanksgiving and meditating on my journey so far and what I intend to do going forward when it comes to the core values of humanity.

Que2 :Were you planning a big party before the D Day?

Of course I was planning a classy and exclusive birthday dinner with genuine friends because it’s my 40th birthday but, too much news of the effect of corona virus  took the better part of me and killed the vibes but hopefully, I will do something soon.

Que3: Each time you look back at life, how does it make you feel?

Presently, I feel indifferent about life as I don’t even know what to feel anymore. Seeing almost everyone living a millennium lifestyle forgetting the core values of humanity when it comes to existence is depressing to me. Almost everyone is fake, full of deceit and pretense or maybe, I am the one that’s not just lucky to be among my kinda human sha. I am just trying to live jare.

Que4 Why is Bodex still single? Why I have you not accepted all the offers?

Well, I am still single because I am too real to be true. I am genuine, hardworking l, focused, faithful and sincere plus, I don’t double date. I don’t know how to sugarcoat and I don’t know how to tell people black is white which lots of people don’t like. I love responsible hardworking men with good morals and respect women at all cost. I have zero tolerance for lies and deceit and in the world we are in now, almost everyone has adjusted to that lifestyle of pretense except me so, tell me why any man would wanna be with such a real woman? Some men that I even tried to date ended up saying I am faking to be a good girl and they got scared I might hurt them big time. So, we went our separate ways. Some men just feel there aren’t good women anymore so, seeing me exhibiting such qualities were demonic to them. People’s irresponsible millennium excitement is my own turn off and no man wants such woman but, I believe there is a man of my type who says things the way it should be without the fear of what anyone will make out of it. I am hopeful there is still me in another man I will end up with. I no dey shake.

Que 5: What do you make of the out-going year 2020?

Year 2020 is an amazing year for me really. I got to host Citypeople fashion award, presented award at BON awards, ate good food and rocked amazing outfits, roof over my head, made new true friends, I got three different awards to my precious name and brand, Covid-19 negative and I clocked 40? Baba, that’s an exceptionally outstanding year for me.

Que6: What are your reflections on life at 40?

Reflections @40? Me that don’t even look 40? If I tell you, me Bodex is 40 would you believe me? Please, I am not reflecting anything @40 as my childhood existence just begins now. All I wanna do is live, impact and standout. Age means NOTHING to me. In fact, I am always shy to tell people my real age cause na laugh dem dey laugh saying I am lying so, I DON’T HAVE AGE oooo!

Que7: ln your dressing most times you are daring. Tell me about your Fashion Style?

Awwww my dressings are always daring and oozing because, I don’t like to be caught unaware and this world we are in, it’s full of unexpected opportunities so, I am always ready to be moved to the next level. Imagine wearing trash when your name comes up as a Minister or something exceptional? Na one chance you dey so.

Looking good is my name, food, pride, confidence and charisma. If I am well dressed, you can’t talk me down nor toss me anyhow. In fact, with my dressing, you already know where I should be ordered to take a seat and balance. I am Bodex, The GoldFish and you know a GoldFish doesn’t have any hidden place so, why won’t I be daring, captivating or even pack all the attentions? I love people to see that it’s me Bodex, The GoldFish4Life Omo Egun toh gbayi and the only way to keep that relevance, is for them to check me out na.


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