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Why I Provide Food Hampers To Families That Need It Every Xmas – Food Angels Founder, Lola Tinubu-George


Come 19th December a lot of individuals and families in the UK, Lagos, ABUJA & Abeokuta will be receiving food Hampers from a charity organisation in London called Food Angels.

A beautiful woman with a heart of Gold called Lola Tinubu-George is the one behind this humanitarian gesture. She is the CEO of Lolars fabrics in London. She is a leading Fabric Merchant. But she is a well-known philanthropist who likes to touch lives.

The big news right now is that this adorable lady is set to provide food Hampers to families that need it. She does this every Xmas, through her charity, Food Angels. She has been doing this for the past 4 years. She tries to reach 150 families in Nigeria annually.

Right now, she is seeking nominations for the food Hampers to be distributed in the UK, Lagos, ABUJA & Abeokuta areas. She is now asking people to send the name and telephone numbers of the prospective individual or family they are nominating to +447405972211 via WhatsApp or Text.

A few days back, Citypeople spoke to the beautiful lady behind the initiative and she revealed a lot. Below are excerpts of the interview.

Please tell me why you went into providing food Hampers at Xmas to poor families?

It started within a prayer group I run. 5 years ago some members of the prayer group mentioned they did not have food for Christmas. I reached out to a friend that provides food hampers in Lagos and she delivered to all the "women of prayer" in need.

The following year I felt led to extend and reach out to more people. As well as the members of women of prayer, I asked friends and family to nominate people that were in need and cannot afford three square meals. One of the families I provided for in the UK touched me by actually giving me a gift when I went to drop the hamper.

I made a post on Facebook about it as it's rare to find people in dire need also blessing others. A lot of my friends asked to be part of the next outreach.

In 2018 I started a just giving fund raising so my friends and family can donate and to make the funds raised transparent. We have gone from strength to strength since then. We have 5 volunteers in Lagos and 6 in the UK. My children extended the outreach in 2019 by providing blankets and food to the homeless in London.

Every year we reach approximately 200 families across the UK and Nigeria. We provide food hampers and also a token to cover their transport.

We also support families from UK foundation that take kids off the streets of Lagos to educate them. Mo Rainbow Foundation who help less privileged families that have children with Down syndrome and the Smile Express foundation that helps the less privileged in Lagos.

My mum sorts out all the shopping and coordination in Nigeria whilst I focus on the UK.

You have been doing that for how many years now?

Food Angels has been running for four years now in its outreach to the wider public.

It must be an expensive venture. Tell us how you fund it?

It is expensive but thankful to God for provision. The first two years were funded by my savings with support from my husband.

In the last three years we have been fund raising through Just giving and this year we also registered with Donate-ng. My husband and I add funds to make sure we reach our yearly set target.

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