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Celebrating Beautiful London Skincare Specialist, Adeola Adegun's Pleasantglow Brand

She is one of the popular skincare specialists in London. She is good at what she does for a living. Many women like her. They like her skincare brand even more.

Let's tell you a lot more about Adeola Adegun and her Pleasantglow Beauty brand.

"I am a serial entrepreneur", she told Citypeople Online Fashion and Beauty magazine.

What services does pleasant glow offer we asked her?

"Pleasantglow is majorly the skincare brand name", she explains. "I did many things. I combine so many roles. I am into the sale of human hair and wigs.

I am a caterer .I sell aphrodisiacs and wellness herbs.

I just added Gold business as well."

How is business, How does she cope with the challenges?

"We cope well because majority of our ingredients are purchased on line but we   cargo our shea butter and herbal soap from Nigeria."

"The main challenge is cargo cost has increased significantly, "she explained.

Why did she decide to go into skincare business when she did years back?

"I have always been a business person from the age of 18. And considering the fact that I wanted something that can make me have time for my children, so being my own boss is the best option and I have always had passion for it. So I decided to have my self-trained and I started in September 2015".

"Of a fact, I have never been an employee in the UK. I have been an employer from 2012 when I started my catering businesses," she explains.

Many don't know about her training. "I am a graduate of Accounting from Olabisi Onabanjo University Ago Iwoye", she adds.

"I am also a native of Ago Iwoye.

I was born 1979 will be 42 in April


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