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Meet 17 Year Old Fashion Designer, Kiibati Segun-Adebowale, Founder/Creative Director, Ankafrika

Kiibati Segun-Adebowale is a young Fashion designer who is making waves right now. She is only 17 and she shows a lot of promise. She recently spoke to Citypeople Magazine about her success story

Below are excerpts of the interview.

Tell us about your Fashion label. How did it start?

Ankafrika is an afro-centric label for Youths and Kids. Ankafrika was borne from the passion I had for Fashion, my love for the African Culture and also the need I saw in the preservation of the culture especially with my generation.


Starting Ankafrika was of no shock to me or my family. The entrepreneurial abilities were there, the love for Fashion was there. My mum would say I have been in the industry, right from when I begged her to get me a table in church that I could place outside the building to sell my hand beaded jewelry at 7 years of age.


Ankafrika was literally an inspiration to me. I dreamt of having a brand that was unique in celebrating our culture. When I woke up, I had a meeting with my parents, and the rest is history.

You started your Fashion business at a very early age. What is your success secret?


My main success secret is the Holy Spirit. I say this because I started with no “professional” education or help. I have literacy finessed the brand to where it is now. The Holy Spirit gives me a plethora of ideas and trainings, and with the Holy Spirit, I know I am in safe hands.


Other than that, I would say I just stay educated. I watch a lot of Youtube Videos, IGTV videos and sign up for online courses and seminars. Anything i can do to be more knowledgeable, I do.

I also try to stay grounded in what I believe and what I started my brand for. It is so unbelievably easy to get distracted by what everyone else is doing. But I constantly remind myself of my goal to stay focused. 


Oh! I like this question lol.

The Abèkè collection is a Yoruba-inspired collection. Adirè is an important textile for the Yoruba people and Cowries represent wealth. So this collection is a celebration of the wealth of the Yoruba culture. While making the outfits, I had different personalities I believe Yoruba people have. So the outfits have personalities.

There is the powerful, the show stopper, the fragile, the “Yoruba demon” lol. The outfit names also correspond with the personalities.


With this collection, it was very intentional; I ensured all the materials were ethically sourced from Abeokuta. Although the pandemic did not allow me visit Abeokuta in person because of the restrictions, I got in contact with a woman who has been in the business for years.


The collection drops on the 24th of December 2020 and would be available on demand on the website (www.ankafrika.com)

I was born in Lagos, Nigeria in a small compound in Oke-Ira, Ogba, Lagos. I had the best growing up years because I have an exceptional sister who put me through everything I needed to know. I attended Mind Builders School for my Primary education and Trinity International College for my secondary education. As regards to Fashion, I would say, 'no be today’. My parents have wonderful taste in fashion and I guess I got it from them.

So what are your plans for your Fashion label?

Well..., I mean everyone’s plan is to be successful. But I want Ankafrika to cause a shift in how we see our culture, especially through textile. My main goal is to work toward a time when it would be a norm for a young person to wear African textile and he or she would not feel socially awkward.

Through Ankafrika, I also want to support young creatives in Africa.

How did you coin the name Ankafrika. What does it mean?


Ankafrika, if you break it down is simply, Ankara + Africa. I got this name when I had the inspiration. I also like how it sounds but I gave it an actual meaning which is, “Celebration of Africa”.





Website: www.ankafrika.com


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