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Movie Producer, Odunola Agoro Talks About Her Success Story

 Odunola Agoro has made a name for herself in the Movie industry. She is a damn good actress. She is also a successful movie Producer. Odunola who is the CEO of Odun Agoro Films recently produced the wave making Husband N Wife Series.A few days back she spoke to Citypeople Publisher Seye Kehinde about her success story. Below are excerpts of the interview.


You are a popular Actress& Movie Producer. Tell us how your career started. What year and how?

It started 8yrs Ago, Saidi Balogun introduced me to movie industry.  My 1st movie was OSUNFUNKE produced by ARA the 1st female drummer

Which movie shot you to limelight?

It was the same Osunfunke because it was a BIG PROJECT ... sponsored By Osun State government.

How many movies have you produced?

2 Movies but I have got my lots of my Short Movies ... Which It’s Tagged “HUSBAND AND WIFE SERIES”

How many major movies have you acted in?

Have done some cinema jobs. Like wedding party 1, New Money etc.

How have you coped with all the challenges in the movie industry?

There is no career without its challenges, we keep getting better by putting lots of patience, hard work, prayers into it to be able to be over successful in life.

Tell us about Odunola Agoro. Who is she? Where was she born and where was growing up?

I’m Proudly LAGOSIAN! I was born in Nigeria, Going up was fun with our patents though we lost them early but the little time was memorable

Tell us about your love for Fashion. How did it start?

Fashion is an inborn, once you are stylishly you are fashionable! It’s started right when I was a child... I can change my dress as more than 3 times in a day ... I remember our house help keep complaining to my mom that i will wear n cloth for 1hr n remove to wear another 1. Even as a child, i don’t like repeating clothes.

What determines what you wear to parties?

Mood! And I like to keep it Simple n Classy

What kind of outfits do you love? Why do you wear low cut?

I love Dresses, Its Brings Out your STYLE I love wearing TROUSERS. They give life..... Very comfortable to roll in

Are you single or married? If still single Why?

I’m single with a son!

Going to relationship/ married requires a lot, if the proper understanding is not there, there is no point from jumping from one person to the other. But once the right person comes we will take it up from there.

Why did you choose to go low cut?

Low Cut for me is EVERYTHING.. It is so easy to wear! I don’t have to worry about the salon always.

Tell me about your new movie "Husband n Wife Series”

It's a short movie with a content to restore our moral values with different episodes and also to impact our marriages, lives,& kids in a positive way

And to also see life in some other angles as to know how to live with people to make it a better place for us all to live.

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