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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


November 26- 28 2020  were two glorious days of joy and gratitude for the Augustine Seibi and Andrew Omogo families, both of Delta state. Their children Preye Gertrude Augustine Seibi and Hero Andrew Omogo tied the knot in the traditional Niger Delta style and also exchanged vows in the presence of God and their loved ones.

Gertrude and Hero met in 2006. A good listener and dependable friend is how Gertrude describes her husband. Stating how lucky she is to have found a good man, supporter of what she does. She remembers one of their earlier encounters where they walked for miles from church, she did all the talking while Hero listened. That incident struck a chord with her in a positive way. And today they are man and wife.

Preye Augustine Seibi works in the Nigerian creative industry. She is a costume designer, a movie producer and actor. She has featured in and produced movies such as A Long Walk to Nothing, I wannabe, Fidelity 1&2, Kira, Tamara In My Head amongst others. She also co-owns Oyako-Celine media with her brother Benedict Seibi.

We are wishing Mr. and Mrs. Hero Andrew Omogo a happy married life and all the blessings marriages bring.

Photo Credit: Preye Omogo.


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  1. Oh my dearest friendship
    I'm so happy for you
    Your home is supernaturally blessed.