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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

How London Skincare Therapist, Omosalewa Bucknor Makes Other Ladies Look Beautiful

Omosalewa Bucknor is a damn good skincare specialist. She is Skin Therapist. And a Skin doctor who makes a lot of celebrity women rush to her. Her Beauty products are so effective and good. She is also a Nurse who lives in London.

She is the CEO of Danaire Skincare Beauty company. She produces a wide range of Danaire beauty products.

She is blessed with good looks and a good skin that is flawless. There is no way you will meet Omosalewa Bucknor for the 1st time and you won't notice her glowing skin even from afar.

It is when many ladies ask her for the secret of her glowing skin that they realize they are talking to a skincare specialist and a Nurse for that matter


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