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Popular Musician, Samson Egbeyemi Talks About His 1st Single Album, Out This Easter Sunday


Samson Egbeyemi is one of the reigning artists on the scene right now. He sings well. And his stagecraft is second to none. He is a great entertainer.

The big news is that Samson Egbeyemi who is also called Samson BB will be releasing his 1st Single Album this Easter Sunday .And it promises to be a big hit. He told Citypeople what to expect.

Already, there is great expectation for his musical video.

According to Samson, the video explains the title of the song itself l (HAPPY DAY)."You know when you are in a happy mood everything just has to be positive and smooth," he explains.

"Actually some people usually criticize musicians that sing our style of music (repertoire) that we can’t go beyond our limit. So this is like a burst brain and to also let our fans know that we are very versatile when it comes to our profession, which means we can do beyond their Imagination musically."

"The title of my first single is HAPPY DAY and the Motivation and Inspiration of this idea actually came from one of my Good fans that has already become like my Father. He was the one who gingered me before I accepted the offer and I then started the project in the name of God."', he revealed.

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  1. This is wonderful...can't wait to see the full version of the song kiddos Samson BB himself... DJ Sholex.