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The Very Many Lessons Life Has Taught Me At 40-HRM, Oba Engr. Nurudeen Osoja

Kabiyeesi, The Onikogbo of Ikogbo kingdom,Oba Engr Nurudeen Osoja is 40.And he is celebrating it. He is giving thanks for the remarkable things he has been able to do within the short time he has been on the throne of his forebears.

Citypeople Magazine Publisher SEYE KEHINDE got him to talk about his life on the throne and he revealed a lot about what life has taught him as a young king. Below are excerpts of the interview.


How do you feel turning 40? What has life thought you?

I feel very happy to have attained the age 40. Life has taught me a lot of lessons that life as a young King on the throne of Kingship requires a lot of wisdom & patience.

You have been on the throne now for how long. What are the lessons?

I have been on the throne since November 30th 2007 which makes it 14 years ago now

What are the changes in your community? What is the security situation there?

There have been so many changes in Ikogbo Kingdom and its environs since I became King of Ikogbo. We now have a Central Market known as Ikogbo Central Market .6 acres of land was released for Ikogbo police station that was commissioned on November 2019 by the former CP Makama. We also have an ongoing Vision University construction project going on, on the soil of Ikogbo, owned Dr. Prophetess Ngozi Okafor, the General Overseer of The Truth Visionary Mission. The private university is expected to take off by 2022 by God's grace.

We also appreciate the Governor of Ogun State, Prince Dapo Abiodun for the construction of 4.5 KM road of Captain David road in Ejila-Awori/Ikogbo road, which is expected to be commissioned any time soon.

There are lots of changes which I can't mention everything at a time.

What is the security situation in your area?

Security challenges we are facing are the issue of Land grabbers, cultist & thuggery from a neighboring community Imoshe village terrorizing our town, which we want Nigerian police to come to our aid.

What is your advice to Government to help improve Security situation?

My advice to government on the way to improve Security is that we should intensify Community policing so that each state will have its own police under the control/authority of each state Governor.

What has changed about you at 40? What has not changed?

A lot has changed about me. I now have patience to tolerate people, most especially the bad eggs in the community.

To the extent that if I decide to take up specific action against them, people will know I have given them a long rope to pull.

As Oba I still love going to site to supervise the level of all our ongoing building projects &   Obaship position can't stop me from doing that.


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