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Style Statements of Dollar Construction Boss, IDOWU LAMIDI

Talk of one of the upwardly mobile and successful businessmen in Nigeria today and his name will make the list. He is a big real estate player in Abuja and Ibadan.

We are talking of Idowu Lamidi, the MD/CEO of Dollar Construction Company. Because of his popular company he has been nicknamed Dollar.

His dressing is classy and clean. He is a very simple person by nature and that shows in his dressing as well.

He likes to look simple but stylish. He carries himself well. Whatever he chooses to wear always sits well on him. He is slim built and he goes for fitted dresses. His traditional outfits always fit him. Of course, his looks enhances his outfits.

He is a man of great sartorial elegance. He always looks debonair whenever he steps out.

CityPeople celebrates this Construction giant who is currently the hottest real estate player on the scene right now.


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