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Popular Actress, Wasila Coded Talks About Her New Coded Radio Station

Wasila Coded
has stepped up her game. She is a beautiful actress and a hardworking entrepreneur who is always pushing the boundaries. She is a damn good actress. She is also a brilliant movie producer who has done a lot in the movie industry. She is set to open her new Coded Radio Station in Lagos. A few days back she told CityPeople Publisher SEYE KEHINDE what to expect. Below are excerpts of the interview.


Congratulations on your new project, the Coded Studio. Tell us about it?


Coded Radio Station is a 24/7 on-air digital radio station with full-service media and branding network for businesses, serving clients all over the world through broadcast. The digital radio station is to grow business through our creative radio advertisements, podcasts, infographics, videos and digital ad campaigns on social media. Our app is also available on Google Play store where people can access it by searching for THE CODED STATION, You can as well visit our website on www.thecodedstation.com Users can make shopping, make orders and as well chat with themselves on the same platform, while all these social activities are going on, the same app keeps broadcasting without interruption.


Apart from the new studio what else have you been up to? Any new movies?


Yes, I have 2 movies yet to be released, one is Titled  'WASILACODEDREALODED' A Cinema Movie, the 2nd one is Titled 'IJA EMI'  YouTube movie, Both movies will be Released this year by the Grace of God and I hope to produce my 1st Epic movie before this year runs out


Why did you decide to open a new studio?


The Studio is comprised of 2 Studios, THE ONLINE RADIO STATION STUDIO AND CODED STYLING AND PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO, I choose these because I don't want what will take me out of The Entertainment industry

Apart from acting, what else do you do?


I do Entertainment in all ramifications. And I run a cleaning company too


Tell us about your acting career. How many years now?


To God be the Glory. I started acting in the year 2001, it's not how far but how well, I am grateful to God for bringing me this far, it's 20years now


How did you get into acting?


I got into acting through a friend I met in OOU and it was he who brought me to Lagos to introduce me to his Aunty who is a Matron to 'LOVE CAUCUS' headed by Mr Wale Ilebiyi in the year 2001/02. The aunty is called Mummy Feyi.  She took me again to 'SAA ORGANISATION' headed by Mr Ade Ajiboye aka Big Abass, so I chose to stay with SAA ORGANISATION to train, I was with them for some time staying with Mummy Feyi  because school was on strike. After school resumption, I met another friend of mine that asked me to join FATUS FILMS headed by Mr Murphy Afolabi, where I trained and graduated with a certificate.


Which movie gave you your big break?


The movie that gave my big break are 3 major movies: 'OMOTODUN' produced by myself in the year 2018, This movie gave me Recognition within the industry mostly, Then 'OMOELEJA' produced by Mama Ereko introduced me more to the audience and God crowned it all with 'WASILACODED' that I produced in the year 2012

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  1. Am proud of you momma❤️❤️❤️
    Greater heights inshallah