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Olori Olufunke is the  beauitiful wife of HRM Oba Adesegun Bolaji Alowonle, the Elemuren of Emuren Kingdom, near Sagamu Remo, in Ogun state. she works with the Lagos State Ministry of Justice as a judicial officer. 

It is said that behind every successful man, there’s a  great woman. This depicts the kind of woman the beautiful Olori Olufunke is to  Oba Alowonle. The two love birds complement each other in every way. Their appearance at events depicts classical royalty and that makes them the talk of town. The learned Olori spoke with City People on life as the wife of the Elemuren of Emuren Kingdom. Below are what she said:


Tell us about life of an Olori in the Palace?


Well Olori is the wife of a king. Being the wife a king requires a lot from you. You would have to be woman of honour, a woman of integrity. Aside from being an Olori, I have a career. I’m a judicial officer with the Lagos state Judiciary. I’m a serving magistrate of the Lagos state Judiciary presently. So apart from being the wife of a king and I’m serving the country. I’m doing what is right for the community. I have to do what is right, to be fair to everyone at the same time, to be able to support the king in all that he needs to do and much more than he wants to become.


How are you coping with your new responsibility as Olori putting it side by side with your profession?


It’s not been easy but it’s something that one has to get used to with time. So I believe I’m getting well just fine.

We have been together before he became enthrone as the king. We’ve been together for some years now.




What informs your fashion sense as an Olori?

Well I love traditional attire. Being a wife to a king, I have to look the path and dress the path, look decent and the same time elegant. So I think that’s what brought about all I’m putting on today. I have always loved fashion right from when I was little. So I will probably say it’s in-born.


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