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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Princess Toyin Kolade Reflects On Her Birthday And Iyalaje Oodua Chieftaincy Title


If you feel that life in its totality is a bed of roses; you might not be wrong depending on your personal experience, but for me, life is built with different ups and downs which play a role just to make us stronger. In my case, I have experienced both sides of the coin. All thanks to God that despite the hotshots targeted to take my life during my formative years; plans to cut me short in my prime proved abortive.


 It’s quite interesting and also a blessing that I had a prayerful mother of (blessed memory), who never toyed with prayers, that earned her the sobriquet ‘Iya Aladura’. In fact, she prayers fervently like it’s going out of fashion just to make sure I navigate through the murky waters of life without any issue or stumbling block. Yes, I can tell you that; on several occasions, I was attacked as a teenager. With the love of God in my life, I was able to stay afloat still bubbling with much life. 

Like I have always averred that, If not for God, the evil wish of detractors and naysayers would have come to pass. God kept shielding me from those who never wanted to see me grow. Today, I have not only grown, but I have also blossomed like a tree planted by the river bank. Just like my name; OlorunToyin meaning ‘God is big enough to be worshipped.


Today is quite significant; in fact, my birthday this year’s is indeed a moment to thank Almighty God who is the giver of life; the one I call ‘Olodumare’, The God that never failed; the one who gives life and take it at his own will. With my clear testimony of his goodness in my life, most especially, when many wealthy people died due to the deadly Covid-19 virus, but he preserved me and my household and nobody fell a victim; that alone is enough reason for me to climb the mountain top and shout 7 big high Hallelujah to the king of kings...  From this very moment,  i have intensified efforts to keep channeling my strengths to continue worshiping him and I pray never to derail nor depart from it.


Away from the Epistle, on a lighter note, as I celebrate my birthday today, I am making a clarion call to all Nigerian; Sons and Daughters of Oodua both In-home and diaspora to continue embracing peace, Love, and shun hatred of any kind. There is strength in number. A tree does not make a forest. Our ability to break new ground is to work collectively as people. Let’s bond like the broom and make sure we work towards the achievement of an egalitarian society. The only commandment that God almighty holds in high esteem is LOVE. Let us love each other unconditionally and see how things will pick up swiftly for us.


With excitement and unquantifiable joy in my heart, I pray that each and every one of us will witness unlimited favour in all our dealings. May we continue to grow high in life. I pray for our youths, every sudden death will cease to happen again. We shall enjoy our lives in good health and wealth. I pray that Aje Deity will visit us and lavish us with its numerous goodies of wealth, prosperity in lavish abundance. May we all not suffer. May we never lack any good thing of life. Permit me to code-switch a little; Aje Agbe wa ooooo..... Aje afi ile wa she ibugbe....... Ama ri Aje jeun.....


As I have said these prayers wholeheartedly what I wish for you all; I wish for myself and my household.


kindly remember me in your prayers towards 17-7-2021 as I will shatter the stereotype to become the very first IYALAJE OODUA.


I love you all... 

Happy Birthday to me and I wish myself the best the universe has to offer...



 Dr. Princess OlorunToyin Kolade


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  1. Happy birthday to you Ma, you've been a wonderful person ❤ and am sure God have just started wonderful things in your life Ma. You'll always celebrate 🍾 good things in Jesus name.