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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Celebrating Lady Glory, The CEO Of Twinsegcindys Glofashions

This is the story of a beautiful celebrity lady called Lady Glory,who lives in the US. She is an accomplished woman of substance.She is s Physician and a Great fashion enthusiast.It is because of her love for fashion that she came about her brand name,TwinSegCindys GloFashion, a business she registered In New York. Her new business name in Nigeria is "HER ROYAL MAJESTY TwinSegCindys GlOBAL".
She also came about this name because she is the Queen FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA 1977 Till Present.

She has lived in the US for a total of 39yrs .She came back to Nigeria to establish businesses, unfortunately she couldn't cope with the behavior, conditions and situations she found in Nigeria. Armed Robbers, Voodoo doers and etc, raided her stores, and stormed my house. They killed one American,her neighbour that came on holiday from America.
 So she had to leave all her businesses and ran back to America. It was a disgusting experience,for her.
But all that is in the past.She is doing well in the US.

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