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CANADA Based Actress, Deborah Ewedafe Tells CityPeople How She Fell In Love With Acting


Deborah Ewedafe lives in Canada. She is a very beautiful lady who takes her craft seriously. She is a great movie practitioner. A few days ago, she told Citypeople her success story. Below are excerpts.

Please introduce yourself to us and what you do for a living

Deborah Ewedafe,  Date of Birth-March 20th 1972, Origin-Delta StateIsoko

Place of Birth-Lagos.  Occupation- Beautician/Actor. Marital Status- Divorced with three children.  Place of residence- Presently living in Toronto Canada. Left Nigeria to Turkey in the year 1996-1998.  Left Turkey to Greece-1998-2006, Left Greece to Spain-2006-2009. Left Spain to Canada-2009-to present.

How did acting start for you?

I started my acting career in the year 1991. I was introduced to acting by Ngozi Nwosu when we met at a party where I was an usher. She told me she liked my height, look, charisma and stature and believe I could act.

Unfortunately, my eldest brother- May his soul continue to rest in perfect peace, stopped me from acting as he believed that way was going to expose me to the world as we were ‘pastor children ‘as he put it.

I resumed the industry again in the year 2004-2006 in GreeceAthens.

I became a promoter, collaborating with The popular Isaac Ehizoya to promote the likes of the following as listed below, to perform in some countries in Europe- Patience Ozokwo,  Jim Iyke, Desmond Elliot, I Go Die- the comedian, Ogblosinga- the comedian, Brother Silver- a popular Benin Musician, Nkiru Silvanus, Taiwo Oduala, Lancelot Imasuwen.

When I left Greece, my career in the industry paused again until I got to Canada. A friend -Evelyn, was introduced to join TAMPAN Canada. The first day I attended the meeting, Lola Alao took interest in me. The same thing Ngozi Nwosu did, picked me amongst others and gave me my first role as an actor.

Whilst in TAMPAN Canada Chapter, I was elected the director for Social/welfare, which I did so well and got my first award for in the year 2020.

I started producing my movies in April 2020 till date, and am happy to say within 2020 till date, I have produced 12 movies- skits, short movies and feature movies and even blockbuster movies inclusive.

Some of my movies are showing now on YouTube-Nosa Obaseki TV,  Starboard Entertainment TV, Some showing soon on DstvAfrican Magic and Iroko TV. I am also premiering and showing one of my movies this December in cinemas (Exhale- the movie)

Lists of the movies I have produced: 40th birthday-short movie,  Tana—short movie, Just A Little Slide- short movie, Around-Short movie, Exhale-cinema movie, Restitution- feature movie,  The Journey- co-produced with Platinum- Bobo Oloye, Eni Aiye’nfe- feature movie, Eniyan- feature movie, Onome Gobe- feature movie, Yoruba Angel- short movie, Sunset-short movie.

I have also had the opportunity to feature in other movies produced by other producers-:Quarantine- produced by Donald,  Tomiwa-produced by Rachel OyizaThe adulterous Husband- produced by Temidayo EnitanThe visitor-by Temidayo EnitanTAMPAN CANADA CHAPTER movie production, The Boss- produced by Nosa ObasekiDuduke Sudden Money- produced by Kunle AdepiteThe real man- by Queen V,  Mr and Mrs Lawani -by Akeem Xphrame,  

Promiscuous- By EYINLOJUThe judgment Hux-by Honourable Brown,  A Dozen Wishes- By Honourable Brown, Eeru-by Rachel Oyiza,  Omobella palace- a Canadian production by Patricia.

You have been acting now for how long?

Like I said before, I started acted briefly in 1991, for a year. Started promoting from 2004-2006- 2 years. Got back fully into the industry 2019. I would say I have been officially acting for 2 years consistently

How challenging has it been sustaining your interest in acting abroad?

Quite challenging. Roles don’t come often to be able to grow fast in the industry as it is in Nigeria. If you are not a producer, it can take forever to be relevant in the industry. For me, I had to work very hard to be able to produce my movies so that my face can be out there for other producers to feature me.

Even as a producer, time is of the essence. People work with time in the industry in Canada. This is has been a challenge to me as I have to postpone my production many times to meet the actor's availability.

  I was able to sustain my interest in the industry by the strong zeal of becoming relevant in the industry. It’s the drive for me. Discouragements and disappointments were never hindrances to me because I had always wanted this all my life.

My family were also great support now, and with their support, I am applying to sustain my interest. I aspire someday to be like Shaffy Bello

And to be called someday,’ Funke Akindele of Toronto

 Who are those actors you roll with abroad?

My Mentor actors- Lola AlaoNosa Obaseki, Temidayo Enitan and

Hajia Salami. Iyameto, Platinum-Bobo Oloye, Folashade Quadri, Rachel Oyiza

Omoedo , Solid Kemi, Blessing Ochu, Noel Chris,David Bebiem, Owolabi Salako

Adeba connector,Femi-baba legba, And a host of others

I forgot to include one of my mentors! -Isoken Idibie- producer/actor

Where were you born? Where did you grow up? Which schools did you attend?

I was born in Lagos- hence my speaking Yoruba.  I grew up in Maroko- my ghetto I attended primary school in Lagos, part of my secondary in Lagos and finished in Ijebu Ode.

Left Nigeria and did a course in conference and event planning in Toronto Canada.

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