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Atlanta Big Babe,Olaitan Bankole-Alao Plans Birthday & Relaunch Of Her Event Business.


Many of the Big babes and guys in Atlanta are looking forward to the birthday of Olaitan Bankole-Alao,an Atlanta celebrity lady,which will be coming up in a few weeks time.The party will also mark the relaunch of her event business,Ollyray Events.The 2 in 1 party comes up in December.Its going to be a Mask party.She is planning The Masquerade Ball.A few days back Citypeople got her to talk about her success story and her plans for the party.

“My name is Olaitan Bankole-Alao,I am a mother of 2 adult children. I am a professional in Clinical Research and the CEO of Ollyray Events,”she revealed.

How does she feel as she plans her birthday?”I feel very blessed to be alive these past 47 years. I’m very grateful to God for His grace.”

How does she plan to celebrate her birthday?”On the day of my birthday, I’m having a Masquerade Ball party with my friends and family members and a Thanksgiving service on Sunday.”

She is very stylish.She is fashionable too.How did she develop her Style? ” I consider myself a fashionable and classy woman. I love shopping and putting creative looks together. In my spare time, I enjoy helping others come up with outfits for different occasions.”

We got her to tell us about her life in Atlanta.”I’ve been in Atlanta since 2004 and it’s been fun. I love both the business and entertainment aspects of the city. I love to party, travel, and go out to eat and I’ve been able to enjoy these fully living in Atlanta.”

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