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The food we put in our bodies affects our overall health, energy, and appearance. The best way to truly get your skin to glow from the inside out is to ensure that you’re eating a variety of superfoods like Vitamin C. It is needed to maintain a strong immune system, and it is a key ingredient in giving you a healthy, and radiant skin.

On today’s episode of Hally’s Fashion World, we will continue on our previous discussion -“Skincare Routine”.

I had discussions with an expert in the Skincare industry, who breaks down the easy ways to get a flawless and glowing skin, and what we need to understand before choosing a particular skincare product for our skins.

What are those things that causes/triggers breakout especially in women, and what should people in this category avoid?

Acne/Pimples/breakout on the face is mostly triggered by puberty in young adults. We need to know that puberty is the major cause of these, and this can be seen all over their faces, back area, and chests, at times.

In women, so many things can trigger breakouts, like the hormones for instance, when a woman has hormonal imbalance issues like PCOs, she tends to break out so badly on her face, and this could take a little longer time to clear than the treatment of other kinds of breakouts.

Not resting well or not sleeping well, the type of food, and the type of lifestyle we choose can also be a factor or cause.

Pinching and popping already existing acne on the face could trigger the spread, ingrown hairs, and also clogged pores can give room for excess production of oil (sebum), bacteria, dead skin cells and that is why exfoliating the skin is very important at least twice weekly.

Identifying which type of acne you’re experiencing is key to successful treatment. Acne may be noninflammatory or inflammatory. Here are the categories of breakout/Acne we have;

• Blackheads

• whiteheads

• papules

• pustules

• nodules

• cysts

It is important to note that it’s possible for just one person to have multiple types of acne/breakout at once

How do you differentiate between the Normal, dry and the oily skin?

Normal skin looks even, balanced, not too dry and not too greasy, and not too sensitive,  while for oily skin, the skin feels greasy, always shinning as if oil is rubbed all over, you will notice after bathing that if you do not apply a cream or moisturizer on the body, after sometime, your skin starts feeling shinny as if oil is applied on it.

In addition, if you always notice that something is shining on your T-ZONE area, then you probably have a combination of normal and oily skin. 

For those in the category of normal skin, what are the best skincare routine they should follow?

They just need to follow the simple daily body routine, but they need to ensure it’s done in the right way. The steps are;

• Cleansing — Washing your face.

• Toning — Balancing the skin.

• Moisturizing — Hydrating and softening the skin.

For those that have dry skin, it is known that it can be difficult to maintain such type of skin, what kind of solution or skin care product would you advise they follow/use?

Skincare Routine for Dry Skin Should Include,

Hydrating Cleanser. Look for a gentle/mild cleanser that will leave your skin feeling clean and hydrated, rather than tight and uncomfortable.

Hydrating Toner: for the hydrating toner, u can put in your bag to always use on the go.

Using of Chemical Exfoliant: yes chemical exfoliant is actually better than scrub  for a dry skin because it makes the skin feels fresher than using scrubs.

Hydrating Serum for the face: Most serums contain Hyaluronic Acid/Panthenol that helps to hydrate the skin, and they also help attract water from the surroundings to the skin.

Eye area Cream: the eye area tends to get wrinkled on time because of the dry nature of the skin, but with the help of eye area creams, it gets plumped up.

Facial Oil: Facial oil most times helped to delay the face from getting dry, and also helps to delay signs of ageing on the face.

Moisturizing Cream or Lotion: creams and lotions with the right ingredients help to repair the skin, and provides deep hydration for the dry skin. In addition for dry skin, moisturizers are preferred to Gels.


For the best hydrating skincare product to use, I will recommend Tanti Hydrating and moisturizing Lotion, and Tanti Cream Soap.

Some Ladies complained about how they easily get Sunburn, and how it keeps re-occuring after each treatment,  is it either  there is no permanent solution or they are not using the right product that can  totally solve this problem?

As I mentioned earlier, our lifestyle also determine the health of our skin. Whatever daily lifestyle we choose can possibly be part of what affects our skin glow. For example, driving to and fro work daily and the way we face the sun, staying too long in the Air conditioning system could be a trigger, the kind of skincare products we use on our skin, bleaching the skin wrongly, some DIYs used on the skin, for instance most Citrus products used on our skin does not agree with the sun hence the side effects show negative impact on the skin, not using of Sunscreen daily when going out and so on.

It is not as if Sunburn cannot be permanently cured, but the above culprits could be the possible factors.

Can you tell us how to maintain a good skin care?

To maintain a good skin glow, you will have to be intentional about the laid down skin routine, as nothing good comes easy.

Maintain good hygiene, exfoliate your skin, take out time to pamper your skin, make sure you are using the right skincare products for your skin type, know the right skincare expert(s) you trust your skin with, drink a lot of water to hydrate your skin from inside, stay away from smoking, stay away from excess alcohol intake, and don't forget to always talk to your skincare expert whenever you need a professional advice.

Nowadays, we see how some ladies aggressively want to change their skin tone to white, hence, some are not patient to do it the right way, can you advice on the danger inherent in using products whose formation are majorly chemical base?

You are so right, so many ladies/ women are now all for the skin whitening, but whitening the skin should be done rightly with an expert, if not, they will end up with a badly damaged skin, and which in most cases, take a longer time to repair.

To achieve a beautiful bleached skin, I would advise going for fully Organic cosmetics products, which in most cases, can take time before its effect begin to show on the skin. The problem nowadays is that, ladies are not patient enough to work with the timing of organic skincare on their skin, everyone wants to whiten up, (smile), though which is OK, but the problem out there is, some so called skincare expert take advantage of their customers impatience, and completely sell something different from Organic and call it organic, there by misleading people. Please note that organic products do not damage the skin, and Organic products work gradually and with patience because they are formated with naturally derived ingredients.

To get more of a healthy skin from real Organic cosmetics, the skincare products you use can be supported with good supplements like Glutathione, Vitamin C, Collagen and so on.

When you go to your skincare experts, you can always ask them the percentage of chemical/Organic substance in the products you are buying. You have the right to know some of the ingredients in order to know how safe is what you are putting on your skin. It’s sad that some skincare experts don't even list the ingredients used in making their cosmetics on their products. Please, ensure you always ask questions for clarification.

Can you tell us your name, and how long you have been in the skin care business?

My name is Ewunuga-Jerome Funke Grace. I am a Skin Therapist, I am into Training of Skincare Experts and I am also into Sales of Organic/Chemical Cream and Soap making materials, My Business name is TantiMonique, i have been into Skincare since 2006, but started professionally in 2010.

It has really been a wonderful time talking with our skincare expert, many people don’t even know that what they put into their bodies would determine how their outer skin will look like.

A very big thank you to the CEO of Tanti Monique for this detailed information released during the interview in order for us to be conscious of what we put on our skins, and the kind of Skincare producer we patronize.

Join us again in the next edition of Hally’s Fashion World, on this same platform as we bring to you another interesting topic, until then, please keep safe and always drink a lot of water to hydrate your skin.

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