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Popular Actress/Movie Producer, Blessing Patrick Talks About Her Success Story

Blessing Patrick is one of the successful actresses in the Movie industry. She is a good actress. She is also a good movie producer. She lives in Abuja.

Recently CityPeople Online asked her what she has been up to in the last few months.

 Is it true she recently released a brand new movie?

"Yes, I recently produced and acted in the movie, Crazy People and Love Happens!

Crazy people is a family comic story, played by Whatanombombshell (the Ghanaian actor), Esther Audu, Prince Nwaofor, my humble self and many others. The film was directed by Kensteve Anuka!

 This family comic story is funny and very educative. It is a movie that will keep you glued to the screen, and it’s airing on YouTube as Marlians Madness! 


The second is Love Happens. Wow!! It is a family story, but very deep. It talks about the mistake of past experiences with love, and how it can affect one’s life, negatively, if not handled carefully.

It’s a movie that will teach both Singles and Married, lessons.It is something not to miss out on YouTube, featuring Artus frank, Prince Bassey, Esther Audu, myself, and others. It is directed by walls!


What has been happening to her all these while? "All these while, I have been working on myself, doing the work of God, also building my fashion bussiness, my catering bussiness, as well as building my company, Bleama integrated investment Nigeria limited!


Because I think there are other things that need to be taken care of first, part of which is working on myself and at least putting something down to fall back to, due to the less pay, as at that time. Being the first child of my family,I have a lot to do and the pay as of then was not appealing! "

Is she fully back now?

"Oh yes by the Grace of God I am fully back!

To act in good movies and also to produce good movies!"


How did she get into the movie industry?" I got to know the movie industry through a friend but started acting in the year 2012".

How did she become active in the Abuja movie sector?

"Oh yes. I have become active in Abuja recently, through the assistance of a great producer Mr. Uchenna Mbunabo."

Who is the real Blessing Patrick?

"Wow!!! Blessing without God is nothing. The little I can say about me, is I am a person always helped by God. I love a quiet life, and I believe so much in God's timing and Help! I work smart and allow God to perfect all".

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