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Negative Influence Of The Fashion Industry On Youths By Seun Elegushi

The fashion industry has helped us in so many positive ways. When it comes to innovations, making us look good, helping us in sustaining and enhancing our beauty. However, it has its own negative sides as well, mostly affecting the youths.

In this article, I will be discussing 5 ways the fashion industry is affecting the youths negatively.


1- Increase in Sexual harassment:

The fashion industry is putting young girls under pressure to feel among the latest fashion trends, as most of the latest trends coming out now show more female skin than generations before.

This has caused girls to dress older than their age, causing sexual predators to be attracted to them, and begin to harass them.


Because they are looking older than their age based on their manner of dressing, old adults tend to be attracted to them, causing inappropriate actions towards the young girls.


2- Possibility of Skin Cancer:

Skincare products are one of the booming sectors in the Beauty Industry, with the desperate desire for youths, especially the girls, to have good skin, slot of some care products have added extra quickening bleaching ingredients to the skincare products, which give short term results but long term skin health hazards. Skin cancer is one out of many skin health diseases that result from using these chemical skincare products.

This is why it is advisable to use organic natural products for your skincare routines.


3- Depression:

The fashion industry has put a lot of pressure on youths today. With the latest trends coming and going out of style at a face rate, the high cost that comes with acquiring them has made youths depressed with the feeling of not being important or matter, because they do not have the latest fashion clothes, and accessories.

The illusion of "I am not rich, I am poor" begins to cross the minds of youths, because they missed out on the latest fashion trend.


4- Causes Breast Cancer:


Research has been carried out that too much application of makeup on a girl's face and body can cause breast cancer.


To meet up with the beauty standards created by the fashion industry. Young girls have been applying too much makeup on their skin, and this can cause breast cancer to the girls.


5- Causes Poor Body conditions:

In order to fit into the beauty standards, young boys and girls tend to avoid eating well all in the name to fit into the latest wear or look like the hottest model rocking the outfit they desire to wear. 

Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa are common among youths, especially young girls because of the body image they want to keep, having the fear of being overweight because of the negative influence of fashion.


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