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Princess Toyin Kolade,Iyalaje Oodua,Reflects On Her New Age.

Princess Toyin Kolade,Iyalaje Oodua,Reflects On Her New Age.
Yesterday was Iyalaje Oodua, Princess Toyin Kolade's birthday.And she had a big celebration at Marriott Hotel in Ikeja GRA,Lagos.
On her birthday,she revealed how she felt about life and why she is celebrating.Below are excerpts of her story....
"Today is the day that the Lord Has Made, I will rejoice and be glad in it....

"Several decades ago, when my mother, Madam Comfort Iya Aladura conceived me, in the ancient Ilesha town, in defunct Western Region of Nigeria now Osun state, the sky shined so bright,  the sun rose in amazement, beaming with lots of promise, the cock crowed in their loud voice, the stars shone bright high, in the sky and a resounding message came from above that a woman of substance has been born to mother earth, that will be a salt to the world."

"My birthday connotes a good and positive omen, like a gust of fresh summer wind. Since my birth, I have lived my life inline with the promises  God laid down for me. I celebrate my Birthday yearly, but today's celebration is quite a significant one because of the hurdles I have scaled through,most especially this year. Every sheer attempt to rub my name in the mud and throw me off balance, because my redeemed liveth, as I have always obeyed his commandment, he ensured all the deadly Typhoon and Tsunami directed to sink my sailing ship, I have remained firm without my ship capsizing." 

"My Birthday this year, reteirates the grace I have enjoyed; the battles I have fought hard and won, the massive love i have enjoyed and the opportunity to remain hale and hearthy.
" All I want to say is to thank Olodumare for bringing me this far in life. It's not by my power nor by my might, but God has made it possible for me this far.

" I will continue to give thanks to the Supreme God who created heaven and earth. As a born winner, I will continue to win against all odds. I will continue to impact my immediate environment with my God given resources and wealth."

"Birthdays are indeed not for the dead, it's a time to ponder on life so far. I have pondered on my years of struggle on earth, and I have come to a logical conclusion that all my story requires,is thanks as offering, in show of  appreciation to my creator.

 "Happy Birthday to me Oluwatoyin Adefisola Aya Kolade...."

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