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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


Summer is here, and the weather has gone into heatwave mode all over Europe. The need to walk almost naked in public is not far from one’s mind.

To be honest, it is what most of us do in the privacy of our homes and back gardens just to keep cool, not minding if the neighbours can see you or not. Yes, I am guilty, living like the Legendary Abami Eda enjoying cool air sans any clothing but modest covering. As for the cool air? For wia? This na boiling air. Kai what I can give for an AC right now as the small table fan no dey do much.

So, the gist of the moment is that the past few days have been feeling very “Naija-like” as per the weather. Fond memories of weekends spent with friends at their beach houses come to mind. Long walks along the seafront with cool sands caressing one’s feet, and fresh sea breeze blowing soft kisses on my face, never fails to leave a lingering smile as I drift off into a power nap. Wake up! Na UK you dey the cheeky voice in my head says as I snap out of it. Oh, where were we? Yes, the heatwave.  The perfect setting for pool and beach parties, activities that were restricted during covid. Thank God that is over, but still, we must try to stay safe no matter the buzz and excitement.

So, in all honesty, hosting or attending grooves by the sea and poolside, affords people the opportunity to show off bikini bodies they have been working on since after Christmas (ah Christmas, that one don dey near too omw why did I even think of it).  With the cost-of-living crisis, I dread to think how expensive this year’s will be. Hopefully, cross that bridge when we get there.

Erm… sorry for the distraction, back to the gist. Now, like everything else in fashion, swimwear has evolved too. Gone are the simple bikini up/down or one piece, with flamboyant and elegant designs that are very perfect for when the party theme states, seaside or poolside “eleganza”. Varied brands high-end or high street have given new meaning to standing out “even when wet”.  ‘Statement pieces are not just for terra firma alone, swimsuits are now in the game with a bang, and African fabrics are not left behind. Swimwear in vibrant Ankara patterns, designed, no matter how simple the style, speaks volumes holding its own among the best. Here are some picks for you, and I hope they are to your taste. FYI do not fail to hit me when you look “absolutely fabulous” by the sea or just sitting pretty poolside.

See you soon with yet another fashion update.

Chantelle Tindall. 

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