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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Power Couple: Pastor Israel & Prophetess Mary Olubori Step Up Their Style

This is about a lovely couple in London who are both serving in the vineyard of the Lord.

It is the story of Pastor Israel &Prophetess Mary Olubori

Both run Rock of Salvation Apostolic Church and Havilah Mountain of Fire in Ibadan.

The church started in Nigeria before it expanded abroad.

Both are strong ministers of God. The Husband is a Pastor and the wife is a Prophetess. Both have different callings.

Many don't know that they are both stylish. Both dress so well. Call Mummy Olubori a style icon and you will be right. Call Daddy a man of sartorial elegance and you will be correct.

Their church has witnessed phenomenal growth over the last few years.

Being a product of Idolatry/ Muslim background she was brought to Ibadan to School with her Aunty who was a Christian and from there she received the grace and the anointing. Went through fasting and prayers for deliverance and after that the power of God came upon to become Alore, received the power of prophecy and got engaged by a CAC church in Olomi and Olopometa before working with other Churches  between 1993- 1996 before  she received the Holy Spirit instructions to start Rock of Salvation Apostolic Church.

We have the Church Branches in Ogbere Idiosan Ibadan, Havilah mountain of Fire in Ibadan, Sanyo Powerline Oke Ode and in Ikeja Lagos.

As time goes on the Lord expanded the Church beyond the shore of Africa to the United Kingdom at Orion Business Centre Surrey Canal Road Off Ilderton Road London SE14 5RT in December 2008.

On the mountain where the prayer group met then, Daddy Olubori came to the same Mountain at Ojoo in July 1997 for prayers and she gave him a message that linked to two of them together and he went to her house at Alajameta. Though not married then,  he also attended foundation laying ceremony of the Church on 1st of October 1997. 

One thing led to the other and a Prophet came after she went through the first seven days trance at the new site under construction and told the Prophetess that Daddy Olubori is the man God has chosen and appointed for her and the ministry. And by the 19th of November at Olorunkole Mountain in Akinyele Local Government the two were joined together as husband and wife  to carry the mantle in oneness.

The Church of God has thrived and blossomed under the duo and crusades and revival programmes has been held in halls and churches all over the world by  the two in one corporate anointing. They have received invitations from individuals and churches to minister in the US , Canada,  Germany, Austria etc.


As stated earlier, after the marriage of the two in November 1997 he became the President of the Church organising and coordinating the activities of the Church and with him we have gone through series of 21days fasting and prayers and so many other uncountable series of fasting and prayers. On the 25th of August 2001 he embarked on a 41days dry fasting to seek out the face of God and to receive power for ministry.

Since, we don't adopt the title of Founder because of our believe that Jesus founded the Church, she became known as General Overseer of the Church and Daddy Olubori as the President of the Ministries.

The corporate anointing has blessed thousands, released the captives of the mighty through deliverance, raised the dead, healed the sick. Salvation came to many others and many others received revelation to fulfil destiny.

The maiden name of Prophetess Mary is Adeleke from Ede but born in Ajeromi Ajegunle in Lagos and brought up in Ibadan. The name of the surname of the husband is Akande of Ibadan origin but later the Holy Spirit gave the family a new family name Called OLUBORI .

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