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How I Became A Skincare Guru -Mrs FARIDA SOBOWALE (House of Phreeda)

 House of Phreeda Body care Spa and Saloon is one of the leading skincare centres in Lagos run by a well-trained professional who does not compromise on standards.

This beautiful Skin expert called Mrs. Farida Sobowale who owns the business has paid her dues.

It is a 7-year-old company that has grown into a big beauty empire.
She has a world-class Spa and a saloon. She also has a factory where she produces her many beauty products in Lagos. She has grown big. She has expanded her business and she has outlets.

Recently City People Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine asked her to tell us her success story and how she was able to grow her business.
She revealed a lot.

My name is Mrs. Farida Sobowale  CEO,  House of Phreedah body care spa and saloon
We are into total enhancing of the body, we are majorly into services like body treatment, spa treatment, pedicure, facials treatment, chemical peels for knuckles or dark feet, saloon
We sell creams for hyperpigmentation clients that need to balance their complexion, and glowing pack for dark clients, majorly we do a treatment like removing of sunburnpimplesspotsskin tags
Pussy steaming for clients that are suffering from ignorant about how to take care of their self.

How about the men? We cater to them also.
How can women look beautiful? How can they take care of their skin? We can take care of their skin by doing a spa regiment, like once in a month.  They can come for their facial, pedicure, manicure, body scrub and massage in House of Phreedah we encourage and we try to let them know that being flawless and beautiful is not luxury but a necessity that’s why our products are so cheap and affordable like for an example our facials treatment is 1k and the spa facials is 5k. 

Women come to House of Phreedah because they trust our products and services because it’s not easy to trust someone with your skin.
The reason why the upwardly mobile and enlightened woman come to us is that we just don’t sell creams for our clients we consult to them, we make them understand the skin type they have and what can work for them, for instance, it’s not every woman that has to be fair complexioned, so we also consult for dark-skinned ladies as well and also sometimes all a lady needs is just to exfoliate her skin and eat healthy not just using a cream on her skin.

For instance, I tell my clients to just moisturize in the morning because it’s like water to the skin. And the night lotion is food
I just don't do creams I update myself on professional courses on how to make women more beautiful
I can say categorically that I have become a guru in the beauty world
House of Phreedah is 7years old

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