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In the next few days Lagos will witness a big birthday party. lt is the 60th Birthday of Hajia Bola Shagaya, one of Nigeria's leading business women.

She is an accomplished business woman who has conquered the business world.
She plays BIG in Banking, Oil, Stocks and Real Estate to mention just a few.

City people Magazine can authoritatively reveal that the Lagos social establishment is waiting anxiously for this 60th Birthday bash which promises to shake Lagos to its very root.

The birthday will take place at the prestigious  Eko Hotel in Victoria Island Lagos. The party will also be attended by all the who is who in the North. Though she is from Ilorin, she schooled and grew up in the North.

And she has many key names of people from the North as classmates from her days in ABU Zaria.

So a few Emirs will be coming. So also Governors, Senators, Ministers, House of Representatives members.

Prominent Northern bigwigs are set to storm the party.

She is well connected with all the big players in the corridors of power.

Although she is not a politician she has become a power broker both in the corporate environment and in the political sphere.

A lot of celebrities also look up to her, both young and old. Whilst the older celebrity women like her because she is there for them all the time,the young ones see her as a role model.

She is very stylish. She dresses well. She wears the very best. She oozes class. She's got Poise and Grace.
At 60,she has continued to look refreshingly young.
She is also deeply religious. She is always in  Mecca praying all year round.
Stay tuned for more.

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