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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


 Not many people know that Lagos Celebrity Lady Funke Oyinsan is a medical doctor. We can tell you that for sure. She is one. And a brilliant one for that matter.

But she has gone into so many other businesses. She currently runs a top notch restaurant in Lagos.

She runs Lavonne Cuisine at 113 Ogudu Road in the Ogudu area of Lagos.
Though many simply call her Funke her real name is Yvonne Adefunke Audifferen Oyinsan.

She is a stylish lady who dresses well. She is a plus size. But she carries herself so well that other plus size ladies envy her. She is a beautiful woman who dresses so well. How did a Physiotherapist ended up becoming a restaurateur?
She smiled."lt's because of my love for cooking”, she explained.
I actually started it when I was a young lady living in my neighborhood, I started the 1st Suya and BBQ chicken spot in my twenties, so you can say I've always had a passion for cooking, especially grilling as a specialty.
Where was growing up for her?

My early life was spent in the heart of IkejaSeriki Aro street precisely......then we moved in my late teens to Olusosun Ojota where I spent my adulthood......
Life just kinda overtook things and I took another path.......

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